Waka Waka Doctor

Waka Waka Doctor – Who Is He Truly? Biography

This post is about a Nigerian content creator, traveler, and medical doctor.


  • Traveled to 70+ countries across three continents
  • A practicing medical doctor and travel content creator

Read on as we disclose several things about Waka Waka Doctor, including his personal life and career.

Who Is Waka Waka Doctor?

Waka Waka Doctor is a medical practitioner who loves to travel and show people various parts of the world through social media, particularly YouTube. He also enjoys meeting new people, as well as exploring new places and cultures.

Waka Waka Doctor

All his social media accounts bears the same name, which he coined from the Nigerian Pidgin “Waka Waka,” which refers to a globetrotter.

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Waka Waka Doctor was born to a Yoruba family, and was brought up in a remote part of Lagos. He lost his mother in 2018.

His real names, age, and relationship status are unknown as of now.

He is adventurous and has traveled to over 70 countries, of which he worked in five. These countries include Iraq, Spain, South Africa, Ghana, Greece, Morocco, Italy, UAE, Serbia, Vietnam, Luxembourg, China, Benin Republic, etc. Waka Waka Doctor has been the sole funder of his trips worldwide and has never gotten any financial support for his content.

He never ceases to emphasize that he is a foodie. His favorite food is Amala.

Career – The Advice That Changed His Life

Waka Waka Doctor completed his Bachelor’s degree in Nigeria and landed two jobs as a medical doctor. He earned less than ₦200,000 monthly in both jobs.

Not long after, he got another job in Saudi Arabia, which made him travel outside Nigeria for the first time. He got sponsorship that covered his flight tickets and accommodation.

Upon arrival at Saudi, Waka Waka Doctor realized he could earn thousands of dollars without going through the stress he faced in Nigeria. That surprised him, allowing him to understand that Nigerians are missing a lot and suffering.

He is a Master’s degree holder in Public Health, and hopes to earn a PhD. Besides, he is currently enrolled in a post-graduate diploma in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Waka Waka Doctor logo

He also runs a travel lifestyle blog, which he uses to share his ideas and guidelines.

In 2020, he created the Urban Nomads Travel Community, which is a platform open to its subscribers for easy access to travel experts and enthusiasts.

He got the inspiration to start content creation from his friend, who is also a doctor and famous social media influencer. His friend advised him to share his traveling experience since he has traveled to several countries but only had pictures of it.

That was how he started making videos of foods and places. A few months after, the same friend suggested that he discuss how people can move to these countries without hiring a professional.

Since he planned to travel to France that month, he uploaded a video on relocating to France, which generated about 20,000 views on YouTube. He got a sense of motivation that people liked his content that much.

His YouTube channel has nearly 200 videos of him showing people the world and providing step-by-step guides in applying for their travel documents. He has more than 4.2 million views and 188K subscribers on YouTube. 

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