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Davio White – Personal Life and Career

This post is about a cleaner’s success story in becoming an international product designer, Davio White.


  • Born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
  • A creative designer, product designer, and brand illustrator
  • An alumnus of the National Open University of Nigeria

Read on as we get to know more about him.

Who Is Davio White?

David Chimenem Okpara, also known as Davio White, is a well-known product designer in Nigeria. He started his tech career in 2020, specifically during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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Personal Life (Early/recent)

Davio White was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He is an orphan who lost his parents for more than a decade. Growing up wasn’t rosy for him, with no one to sponsor his education and advise him on several things.

He is currently single, and information on his relationship status is unknown.

Career – His Journey to Becoming a Product Designer

Before choosing tech, Davio was a secular musician, with songs on iTunes and YouTube, but he had to focus only on his newly found career.

He completed secondary school in 2013. Afterward, he started an apprenticeship at a computer hardware shop, which lasted about a month.

In 2013, Davio landed a cleaning job and held the position until September 2021. He got the job through a family friend.

Following the advice from his superiors at work, he enrolled in the National Open University of Nigeria in 2015 for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He had to pause school in his second year (2017) due to finance. He returned after some time and graduated in 2019.

Davio started his career as a product designer by recreating designs and posting them on social media, especially WhatsApp and Instagram. He learned about designing on YouTube. After recreating them, he asks people to give him feedback on his designs.

Barely six months after he started designing, he met a lady on Facebook who recommended that he apply for a role at a travel agency.

Davio began working remotely for the company for one year and a few months.

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In 2022, he had his first formal training in product design through a course suggested to him by a friend. It enabled him to gain a vast knowledge of product design, including its basics and principles.

He got thousands of retweets on Twitter when he drew a character from Encanto, a musical fantasy animated movie produced by Walt Disney Studios. David became viral due to his drawing, which motivated him to recreate designs of leading brands in Nigeria.

Here are highlights of Davio White’s work history:

  • UI Designer – Tweeq, Saudi Arabia

(May 2023 till present)

  • Community Director – Dreamaxhq, Nigeria

(January 2023 till present)

  • UIUX Designer – @getflipexapp, Nigeria

(September 2022 till present)

  • Product Designer – Chiva app, Nigeria

(March 2022 till present)

  • Product Designer – Nft notified, Netherlands

(February 2022 to January 2023)

  • Brand Designer Debrend Travels, Nigeria

(December 2020 to March 2022)

  • Brand Designer – Velox Real Estate, Nigeria

(March 2021 to January 2022)

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Davio White is booming well in his career, despite the hurdles he faced to become a graduate. He has worked for many local and international brands, and is presently a UI Designer at Tweeq, Saudi Arabia. His success story is undeniably fascinating.

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