Seyi Vodi

Seyi Vodi – Biography of Vodi Group’s CEO

This post is about the founder and chairman of Vodi Group, Seyi Adekunle, popularly called Seyi Vodi.


  • Native of Osun State, but born in Lagos
  • fashion designer and businessman
  • Alumnus of the University of Maiduguri

Who Is Seyi Vodi?

Seyi Vodi is the nickname of Seyi Adekunle, a Nigerian fashion entrepreneur listed among the largest fashion labels in Nigeria in May 2017. That was about two years after he founded the Vodi Group in 2015.

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His birth year is unknown, even though it is said that he was born on July 19. Seyi Vodi is an indigene of Ile Ife, Osun State, but was born in Lagos.

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Seyi Vodi earned his first degree from the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. Even though his discipline is Geology, he chose a career in a different field.

He initially wanted to work in a bank but failed the tests in 2002. As a result, he got a sense of motivation for fashion. He eventually landed a bank job in 2003 but only worked for a few months, as he resigned within the year.

Seyi got married to Bunmi Alade-Adekunle in 2011. They are proud parents of a daughter and three sons. He lives with his family in the Federal Capital, Abuja.

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Career – How He Entered The Fashion Industry?

Seyi Adekunle learned how to sew from some tailors who were his friends during his NYSC in Akwa Ibom.

He started by sewing shirts and boxers for his fellow corp members. In 2001, he registered his business as Testimony Fabrics.

However, Seyi didn’t really like this name, as he preferred an African word that could be pronounced shorter. Because of this, he renamed the company to Vodi in 2003.

He had no physical location for his tailoring work then and would sew clothes in his home. Also, he used a Ghana Must Go bag whenever he needed to deliver clothes to his clients.

After making sales over time, his business progressed till it became the renowned Vodi Group, a conglomerate consisting of Vodi Debo, Vodi Textile, Vodi Training Institute, and Vodi Clean.

Seyi Vodi is currently one of the top fashion designers in Nigeria. He has designed clothing for several Nigerian celebrities, including Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Ayo Makun, Ubi Franklin, and Richard Mofe Damijo.

Latest Controversy – Seyi Vodi, Wife, and Side Chick

Sometime late 2022, an X-rated video leaked on various blogs showing an Instagram influencer, Moesha, confronted while naked in Seyi’s office. Bunmi, Seyi’s wife, had caught her husband and the influencer in a compromising position.

According to reports, Seyi has been having an extramarital affair with the lady for quite some time and was behind her extravagant lifestyle. He bought her a Benz and set her up with a fashion house.

Before the controversy, Bunmi warned her husband’s alleged side chick to maintain distance from her husband, but she didn’t take the threats seriously.

An unknown person had briefed Bunmi that Moesha was at her husband’s that day. Bunmi, who was already furious, immediately drove to his office. Luck ran out of them when she caught them stark naked, but Seyi quickly dashed out, leaving Moesha with her accompanies. She was recorded trying to cover her body with a white towel in the 30 seconds video.

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