Wode Maya

Wode Maya: Personal Life & YouTube Career

This article gives you all the juicy details about Wode Maya that you may not know about.


  • Born on March 3, 1990
  • Alumnus of Shenyang Aerospace University, China
  • A Billionaire with a $1 million mansion

Who Is Wode Maya?

Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, nicknamed Wode Maya, is an aeronautical engineer, digital media influencer, and entrepreneur. Above all, he is one of the most influential YouTubers in Africa.

He has a YouTube channel where he posts about the typical experiences of an African in a foreign country, especially China.

Wode Maya

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Wode Maya was born on March 3, 1990. He’s a Ghanaian who grew up and did his primary and secondary school education in Ghana. He is from Ahekofi in Kofikrom, the western region of Ghana.

The nickname, Wode Maya, is from the Mandarin expression. It goes like this: wǒ de mā ya, and it means “Oh my mom”..

There’s no information about his family. Except that the socially influential person shared a photo of his mother on her 60th birthday on Instagram. He used the caption “Happy Birthday, Wode Maya” (my mom).

After finishing his secondary school, Wode got a scholarship to study in the UK. But he couldn’t proceed because the embassy denied him a visa.

Out of frustration and shame at returning to Ghana without completing his tertiary education. In 2012, Wode opted to study aeronautical engineering in China at Shenyang Aerospace University.


Wode Maya faced lots of criticism during his studies in China. He wanted to work alongside his studies. But he was denied access several times.

During his hunt for a job, they told him they were looking for black people who look like Obama. Not only did he face criticism in his hunt for a job, he encountered it even while boarding public buses. 

One day Wode made a video of himself on the bus. Where all the passengers chose not to sit because he was boarding with them.

Wode Maya

The video went viral and soon set the course for his success as a YouTuber. Seeing how the video went viral, he got serious with it and continued posting videos of his experiences in China.

He later quit his job to focus on his YouTube channel, which he started on 10 January  2013. He later changed the name of the YouTube channel from MrGhanaBaby to Wode Maya.


Today, Wode Maya showcases on his channel several hidden things that most people don’t know about Africa. He’s doing this to change the negativity foreigners have about Africa.

His YouTube channel now boasts 1.3 million subscribers. In 2021, the YouTube icon donated $10,000 to transform a dumpsite into a park.

Also, he raised $10,000 to cater to 100 needy children in school. Aside from being one of the best vloggers in Africa, he boasts a whopping $655,000 net worth.

Wode announced the unveiling of his $1 million mansion recently. He said it’ll serve as a hub to help upcoming content creators who lack resources for producing their content.

Wode Maya is married to a YouTube influencer, Miss Trudy. The duo got married on September 10, 2022. Most notably, in 2022, he won the Online Creator of the Year award at the Entertainment Achievements Award.

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