Who is the owner of Betway

Who is the Owner of Betway? 

Betway, a name synonymous with online sports betting and gambling, has carved a niche in the ever-expanding world of digital entertainment. But who exactly is the owner of Betway? This comprehensive blog post delves into the ownership structure of Betway, exploring the history, key figures, and the current corporate landscape.

Founded in 2006, Betway is owned by the Super Group, a holding company that also manages Spin, a popular online casino platform. Betway was initially founded by a group led by Richard Akitt. The ownership structure soon evolved.

The Genesis of Betway

A group of business people enthusiastic about sports betting and internet gambling started Betway in 2006. Richard Akitt, a well-known person in the gambling sector, led this group.

Betway logo

Their goal was to give customers a trustworthy and safe online betting environment. Betway had several difficulties after its inception. One was a significant data breach in 2014. However, the business managed to turn things around, and it has since prospered. 

Betway stands as one of the top online betting platforms globally, operating across several countries. They became a licensed betting company through the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and other regulatory agencies.

The business was established as a modest sportsbook with its headquarters in Malta, and it soon became well-known among online gamblers. Betway’s commitment to safe gaming is one of the factors that distinguishes it from other online betting sites. 

The corporation offers a dedicated page on its website where consumers may access resources to help them bet. Betway is also a member of several responsible gambling groups and has received accolades for its efforts to promote responsible gaming.

Leadership at the Helm of Betway

Super Group, the parent business of Betway, is chaired by Eric Grubman, who has a long history in the sports sector. From 2004 to 2018, he held several positions with the NFL. He was also Sports Entertainment Acquisition Corp.’s chairman and chief financial officer.

Betway's founder

Anthony Werkman, with a background in both politics and economics, chose to venture into the iGaming industry. He’s currently holding the esteemed position of CEO at Betway. 

South African-born Mr. Werkman has so far guided this cutting-edge gaming sector to profitability by utilizing his understanding of international marketplaces. He was brought into the company in 2013 and has twenty years of expertise driving the industry.

The success of Betway can be attributed to the diligent efforts of its other principal board members. They’re;

  • Chief Executive Officer: Neal Menashe.
  • COO and President: Richard Hasson.
  • CFO: Alinda Van Wyk.
  • Director and Chair of the Audit Committee: John Le Poidevin.
  • Director: Robert Duvall.
  • Director: John Collins.
  • Director: Branch  Natara Holloway.
  • Director: Jonathan Jossel.

The Perks of Signing Up 

Betway stands out as one of the most extensive online betting platforms, and they make certain that both new and returning customers receive bonuses and promotions to satisfy their desire for an exceptional gaming experience. Those perks include: 

The Best Soccer Leagues

Customers can place wagers on the best soccer leagues and a wider variety of sports like baseball, motorsports, rugby, cricket, boxing, volleyball, darts, and darts. When you visit the Betway Casino’s dedicated live casino, you may select from more than 400 games in the games section.

Friday Afternoon Free Play

Betway gives out free play Friday rewards for Nigerians to randomly selected players every Friday. An interested customer should log in to the site on that Friday to find the lucky players. Then go ahead and use it if they’re qualified. After putting in their wager, watch for their payout.

Varieties of Game Options 

Upon creating an account at the casino, customers can choose from Betway Sports, Casino, and Live. They can find all the major sports categories, including all the major events, in the sports section, which offers over 30,000 markets.

Big Boost Saturday

Customers can take advantage of Betway’s Super Boost offering on Saturdays. The operators choose five significant weekend games. This raises the chances of the most common bet kinds. 

It’ll encourage customers to join in on the activity even more. To view the available options, customers can navigate to the promo page. 

Wonderful Classics

Discover the live casino by selecting the main tab and relish all the traditional games, such as poker, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. Customers may play all of these on Betway’s mobile and desktop platforms.

Vegas Games and eSports Betting

Betway provides gamers access to every top eSports competition, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Valorant. Customers can get a taste of the Vegas Strip in the Vegas area. Experience the thrill of live gaming at one of the most well-known gambling destinations worldwide.

Win weekly prizes of up to ₦850,000,000

Betway provides NaiJackpots with a maximum reward of ₦850,000,000, alongside other outstanding consolation awards. This reward is awarded to lucky customers who accurately guess the 1×2 results for all three of the incredible NaiJackpots on the website. 

With the Pepper Don Rest Jackpot, you can anticipate eight selections to win a ₦500,000 jackpot. There’s the Do-Ri-Me Jackpot, which also has 13 guesses for ₦75,000,000.00. 

The final one is the 17 Gbosa Jackpot, which has a jackpot value of ₦850,000,000 and 17 predictions. For these offers, the minimum deposit amounts are ₦25, ₦50, and ₦100, in that order.

Beltway’s Partnerships and Sponsorships

The nations where the Betway brand is licensed are the United States, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Poland, France, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, and South Africa. 

The headquarters of Betway Group are in Malta, and it also has offices in Guernsey, London, and Madrid. They have 600 employees worldwide, including 1,300 devoted third-party support workers.

Aside from being authorized by the global testing organization eCOGRA, it’s a European Sports Security Association member. In addition, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service and the Remote Gambling Association.

Betway partnered with the Professional Players Federation to advance, safeguard, and expand the interests of professional athletes in the UK. They’re backed up by the Responsible Gambling Trust as well.


This blog post has shed light on who is the owner of Betway, its key figures, and its global presence. Ultimately, Betway’s success hinges on its commitment to innovation and responsible gambling practices. While Betway sits as one of the most top-notch gambling sites, there are other top-notch gambling sites for people with more needs than Betway can meet.

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