Vegas Knight Hawks

Vegas Knight Hawks: A Soaring Football Team in the IFL

This article provides all you need to know about the Vegas Knight Hawks.


  • Established in 2021 by Bill Foley.
  • A member of the Indoor Football League (IFL) since 2022.
  • Uses the Dollar Loan Center in Henderson, Nevada, as its home stadium.

Who are the Vegas Knight Hawks?

The Vegas Knight Hawks are a new football team in the Indoor Football League (IFL). Their story, though still brief, is one of resilience, determination, and a commitment to bringing back the glory of indoor football to Sun City. Here’s a look at their journey so far:

Vegas Knight Hawks


The Vegas Knight Hawks were born from a desire to fill the void left by the departure of the Las Vegas Outlaws in 2014. Bill Foley, owner of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL team, founded the team in 2021.

Being a passionate sports enthusiast, he saw the potential for indoor football to thrive in the entertainment capital of the world. And, alas, this led to the birth of the team.

Head Coach Kenny Simpson, a veteran of the IFL, took the helm of the team. He achieved great success by assembling a diverse roster of talented players from across the country.

In addition, Quarterback Aaron Garcia, a former MVP in the Arena Football League, became the team’s first signal-caller. His leadership proved crucial in the early days, and he’s still working tirelessly to keep the team running.

In May 2022, the Knight Hawks took to the field to play their first match, facing off against the Frisco Fighters. The Frisco Fighters defeated them in 42-21 points. Thankfully, they got back their revenge in June 2022 with 49-23 points.

The inaugural season was a rollercoaster ride, with highs in defeating the rival San Diego Strike Force. As well as lows in falling in the playoffs with the Arizona Rattlers. Despite the ups and downs, the team earned the respect of the league and the loyalty of their fans.

Vegas Knight Hawks Track Record of Success

The Vegas Knight Hawks are a young team, having only begun playing in 2022. Regardless, they’ve shown high hopes and achieved notable feats in their short history. Below is the highlight of their success so far:

Season records:

  • They finished their inaugural season with a 6-6 record, narrowly missing the playoffs in 2022.
  • Achieved a winning record of 8-4 points but again fell short of the playoffs in a competitive Western Conference game in 2023.

Individual player achievements in 2022:

  • Daquan Neal (QB) – named All-IFL Second Team Offense.
  • Davonte Sapp-Lynch (RB) – named IFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.
  • Mister Harriel (DB) – named IFL Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Individual player achievements in 2023:

  • Caleb Holley (WR) led the IFL in receiving yards with 1,530.
  • Jalen Graves (DL) led the IFL in sacks with 14.5 points.
  • Several Knight Hawks players were named All-IFL selections.

Community Engagement:

  • They partnered with the Las Vegas Sun to present scholarship awards to deserving athletic students.
  • The team actively participates in charitable events and supports various local causes.

Above all, the 2023 season saw the Knight Hawks soar to new heights. Their signature black uniforms were unveiled during the “Blackout Knight” event last year.

Vegas Knight Hawks

The black uniform became a symbol of their growing confidence and swagger. The team’s first signal-caller’s offensive prowess continued to shine, and the defense, anchored by linebacker Justin Lawler, became a force to be reckoned with.

2023 Players Roaster of the Vegas Knight Hawks 

Below is the players’ roaster the Vegas Knight Hawks used in 2023 and are still using up to this moment. However, note that there will be changes to the roaster when the 2024 season commences.

Defensive linemen:

  • Filipo Mokofisi (DL).
  • Jalen Graves (DL) – IFL’s leading sacker in 2023 (14.5 sacks).
  • Nick Andrews (DL).

Defensive Backs:

  • Kalen Hicks (DB).
  • Mister Harriel (DB): IFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (2022).
  • Jeff Ejekam (DB).
  • Matt Elam (DB).


  • Daquan Neal (QB): All-IFL Second Team Offense (2022).
  • Joe Mancuso (QB).
  • Billy Hall (QB).

Running backs:

  • Davonte Sapp-Lynch (RB): IFL. Offensive Rookie of the Year (2022).
  • Jordan Cronkrite (RB). 


  • Gabriel McCoy (LB).
  • Javahn Fergurson (LB).
  • Jaquez Jackson (LB).

Wide Receivers:

  • Caleb Holley (WR) – IFL’s leading receiver in 2023 (1,530 yards).
  • Quentin Randolph (WR).
  • Jonathan Johnson (WR).
  • Malik Honeycutt (WR).

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