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Tulsa Oilers – About, History, Players Roster

This post is about a Tulsa-based arena professional football team and ice hockey team; The Tulsa Oilers.

Highlights about the football team:

  • Started in 2023 and owned by Andy Scurto, NL Sports, LLC
  • Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  • Current member of the Indoor Football League (IFL)
  • Uses the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as its home stadium

Highlights about the ice hockey team:

  • Established in 1992 in the Central Hockey League (CHL) and owned by Andy Scurto
  • Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
  • Presently a member of the ECHL in Shrewsbury, New Jersey,
  • Plays their home games at The BOK Center

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Who are the Tulsa Oilers?

The Tulsa Oilers is a brand name for an American professional indoor football team and ice hockey team owned by Andy Scurto, the same owner of NL Sports, LLC. They have their headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Overview of the Tulsa Oilers football team

The Tulsa Oilers football team has a few things in common. They play their home games at The BOK Center (also known as the Bank of Oklahoma Center) in Tulsa. They are the third indoor football team to use the arena, following the Tulsa Talons and the Oklahoma Defenders. However, the Oilers football team’s current uniform is made up of gold and oil black, which differs from the ice hockey team.

The Oilers football team is a member of the Indoor Football League (IFL). Their current Head Coach is Marvin Jones.

Tulsa Oilers football team
Tulsa Oilers football team

Overview of the Tulsa Oilers ice hockey team

The Oilers ice hockey team is an American professional team playing in the ECHL, a mid-level pro ice hockey league in Shrewsbury, New Jersey, US. They formerly played in the Central Hockey League (CHL). Moreover, the team initially used the Tulsa Convention Center in downtown Tulsa as their home field until they acquired the BOK Center in 2008. Their official team colors are silver, white, maroon, and navy blue.

The Tulsa Oilers won the playoffs in nine of their first 13 seasons. Its original owner is Jeff Lund, who sold the team to the Steven brothers (same owners of the Wichita Thunder) on June 23, 2013. The brothers sold the team to Andy Scurto seven years later, in 2021.

Tulsa Oilers ice hockey team
Tulsa Oilers ice hockey team


The Tulsa Oilers football team

The Tulsa Oilers ECHL hockey team’s owner, Andy Scurto, owns the Tulsa Oilers football team in the United States. The team came into being when Andy acquired an Indoor Football League (IFL) expansion franchise on July 26, 2022. Their name, logo, and colors were made public on September 10, 2022. Marvin Jones was hired as the team’s Head Coach on September 14, 2022. However, the team didn’t play any game until 2023.

The team recorded two wins and 13 losses in the 2023 IFL Eastern Conference.

The Tulsa Oilers ice hockey team

The original Oilers became a member of the American Hockey Association (AHA) in 1928. They played their first home game on January 1, 1929. The team won the 1929 AHA Championship, as well as for the 1930/1931 season. The Tulsa Oilers team dissolved toward the end of the 1941/1942 season due to the Second World War.

The American Hockey Association resumed games, planning for the 1945/1946 season. They started as the United States Hockey League (USHL) and with two additional teams. USFL disbanded after the 1950/1951 season, playing their games at Avey’s Coliseum.

The Oilers earned the Adams Cup for three consecutive seasons; 1968, 1976, and 1984.

Players Roster

Here is a list of the Tulsa Oilers’ current football players’ roster:


  • Jawon Pass
  • Daniel Smith

Running Backs

  • #22 Tre King
  • Billy Reagins

Wide Receivers

  • #11 Joshua Crockett
  • Ceejhay French-Love
  • #2 Alexis Rosario

Offensive Linemen

  • #68 Patrick Barrett
  • #66 Tyrin Arceneaux
  • #75 Dante Bivens
  • #66 Christopher Ivy

Defensive Linemen

  • Ikeena Ahumibe
  • Michael Badejo
  • Chima Dunga
  • Keiondre Hall
  • Noah Lyles


  • #24 Tre Harvey

Defensive Backs

  • #23 Kelvin Jenkins
  • Erik Mays
  • #0 Britto Tutt
  • Michael Witherspoon


  • Austin Neufield

Below is the Tulsa Oilers’ current ice hockey roster and their respective positions:

  • #35 – Gage Alexander (Goaltender)
  • #16 – Karl Boudrias (Defense)
  • #13 – Alec Butcher (Winger)
  • #14 – Andy Carroll (Defense)
  • #43 – Davis Codd (Winger)
  • #10 – Anthony Costantini (Defense)
  • #26 – Michael Farren (Centre)
  • #19 – Carson Focht (Centre)
  • #32 – Kishaun Gervais (Centre)
  • #3 – Jarod Hilderman (Defense)
  • #30 – Julian Junca (Goaltender)
  • #5 – Duggie Lagrone (Defense)
  • #21 – Jimmy Lodge (Winger)
  • #15 – Eddie Matsushima (Centre)
  • #24 – Mike McKee (Defense)
  • #42 – Reggie Millette (Forward)
  • #11 – Tyler Poulsen (Forward)
  • #29 – Dante Sheriff (Winger)
  • #31 – Kristian Stead (Goaltender)
  • #8 – Kylor Wall (Defense)
  • #20 – Kalvyn Watson (Winger)
  • #86 – Yaroslav Yevdokimov (Winger)

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