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Tosin Osibodu – Chaka’s Co-founder Biography

This post is about the CEO of Chaka Technologies Limited, Tosin Osibodu.


  • A software engineer
  • An alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, US

Read on as we look into the personal life and career of Chaka’s co-founder and CEO.

Who Is Tosin Osibodu?

Tosin Osibodu is a tech-savvy and passionate stockbroker well-known for co-founding Nigeria’s most popular digital investment platform, Chaka.

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Tosin Osibodu had his A-Levels (Physics, Chemistry, Economics, and Math) at Winchester College, England. He earned a BSE in Systems Science Engineering degree at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, studying from 2007 to 2011.

Tosin Osibodu 1

Afterward, he enrolled at Dartmouth College, US, for a Master’s in Engineering Management degree, which he earned in 2012.

Tosin Osibodu’s age, relationship, and marital status are currently undisclosed.

Career – Employment History and Startup

Tosin’s employment history started in May 2009 when he landed a Data Engineering role at Interswitch Group, Lagos. He served the company until September 2009.

Barely three years later, he joined the Growth team (Analytics) at Wayfair, an American online shopping platform for furniture and home products. He worked for the company from May to September 2012.

About two months later, Tosin Osibodu became part of the Analytics, Marketplace team at AppNexus (now Xandr), which lasted from November 2012 to January 2014. AppNexus was a multinational technology company specializing in online advertising.

In February 2014, he changed to join the company’s Global Services team until he left in November 2014.

Tosin co-founded an e-commerce company named Diastora in January 2014, which was acquired by an anonymous company in 2016.

In March 2016, he became the Engineering Manager (Analytics Product) at CitiServe Limited, Nigeria’s leading payment service provider. He worked for the company until October 2019.

The Founding of Chaka by Tosin Osibodu

Chaka logo co-founded by Tosin Osibodu

In October 2019, Tosin Osibodu co-founded Chaka with his cousin, Bolanle Osibodu, who is a financial expert. Chaka is a digital investment platform that allows Nigerians to become stockholders in local and international companies.

He had to return to Nigeria to blend his skills with his cousin’s expertise to establish Chaka toward making stock investment seamless in Nigeria.

Tosin was inspired to establish the company during his university days when he realized that the market structure of stocks in the US and Nigeria had large differences.

While it was hassle-free to buy and invest in stocks in the US, it was quite challenging in Nigeria, especially for middle-class people. As a result, most Nigerians are unable to increase their wealth through stocks.

His findings discovered an inconsistency in the industry, which was at an advantage to multinational companies in Nigeria, but was not financially beneficial to the people.

Chaka was the first fintech startup in Nigeria to obtain a digital sub-broker license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It got the authorization in 2021, allowing it to trade stocks digitally.

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Tosin Osibodu’s company is performing well, and he has positively impacted the lives of Nigerians, as they can now access over 10,000 stocks and ETFs in capital markets worldwide.

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