Top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria

Top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria 

This blog post presents the top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria. Highlighting their unique styles and contributions to the online community. In the dynamic world of content creation, these Nigerian YouTubers continue to captivate audiences with their creativity, authenticity, and engaging personalities. Their diverse content entertains, educates, and inspires millions, showcasing the vibrancy and creativity of the Nigerian landscape, read on.

1. Mark Angel

Mark Angel

Channel Focus: Comedy, Skits.

Subscribers: over 9 million.

Mark Angel Comedy, founded by Mark Angel and Emmanuella Samuel, remains a powerhouse in the Nigerian YouTube scene. This YouTube channel is led by Mark Angel and his comedic team.

Mark Angel’s comedy has become a household name in Nigeria. Their hilarious skits touch on everyday situations, and their commitment to quality content has garnered a massive following.

Emmanuella, a child prodigy, has become a sensation, making Mark Angel Comedy a household name. Mark Angel is number 1 on our list of top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria because he pushed his brand into other endeavors. Such as comedy tours and film production.

2. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina

Channel Focus: Makeup.

Subscribers: over 3 million.

Jackie Aina is a Nigerian-American beauty YouTuber, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. She’s known for her honest and informative reviews of beauty products, as well as her advocacy for diversity and black inclusion in the beauty industry.

Jackie Aina’s YouTube channel offers more than just makeup tutorials. It’s a platform for empowerment, open dialogue, and positive change. By exploring her diverse content and engaging with the community, you can gain valuable insights and connect with others. As well as be part of a movement for inclusivity and authenticity.

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3. SamSpedy


Channel Focus: Family

Subscribers: over 3 million

Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo is a popular Nigerian YouTuber, and he’s the owner of the SamSpedy YouTube channel. His channel has amassed a vast number of subscribers with his entertaining and diverse content.

At the heart of SamSpedy’s content is the portrayal of family dynamics. Through his comedic lens, he captures the essence of familial relationships. Presenting scenarios that resonate with viewers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

What sets SamSpedy apart is his ability to navigate through a myriad of comedic genres. Whether it’s hilarious family skits, relatable everyday scenarios, or social commentary infused with humor, his content is a delightful mix that keeps viewers coming back for more.

4. Broda Shaggi

Broda Shaggi

Channel Focus: Comedy

Subscribers: over 1 million.

Bro Shaggi, whose real name is Samuel Animashaun Perry, initially gained prominence on Instagram with his short, rib-tickling skits. His skits are a delightful blend of humor, satire, and social commentary.

Tackling everyday situations with a comedic twist, he manages to find humor in the mundane. His YouTube channel is not just a solo act; it’s a collaborative space where he often features fellow comedians and influencers.

His collaborations with other social media influencers add a dynamic flair to his content. Thereby introducing audiences to fresh perspectives and creating a sense of community within the Nigerian digital comedy space. With millions of subscribers, Bro Shaggi ranked 4th in our list of the top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria.

5. Sisi Yemmie

Sisi Yemmie,

Channel Focus: Food, Lifestyle

Subscribers: Over 900k

Yemisi Odusanya, popularly known as Sisi Yemmie, is a lifestyle and food vlogger. Her channel provides a delightful mix of Nigerian cuisine, family life, and daily vlogs.

Sisi Yemmie’s warm personality and engaging storytelling make her a favorite among viewers. With a warm and relatable presence, she shares her life experiences, delicious recipes, and parenting tips.

Her channel resonates with a broad audience, making her a go-to source for those seeking genuine and practical content. Aside from creating food and food recipes, she has written many cookbooks and a Time to Eat guidebook for her subscribers.

6. Taaooma


Channel Focus: Family Comedy

Subscribers: over 900k

Maryam Apaokagi, professionally known as Taaooma, is a comedian and skit maker. Taaoma’s comedic prowess, often portraying the character “Mama Taaooma,” has resonated with several audiences.

Her relatable, family-centered content and witty humor have contributed to her widespread popularity. Furthermore, Taaooma portrays the majority of the characters in various attire styles.

Taaooma’s YouTube channel is one of Nigeria’s most successful YouTube channels. She uses family comedy skits to expose the African way of parenting children while also conveying positive messages to people.

7. Mr. Macaroni

Mr. Macaroni

Channel Focus: Society

Subscribers: over 800k

Debo Adebayo, often known as Mr. Macaroni, is a Nigerian actor, comedian, influencer, and entrepreneur. He has a YouTube channel named “Mr. Macaroni.”.

Most people identified him by the slang term “onin” or “freaky freaky.” Mr. Macaroni masterfully wields satire to expose societal flaws and injustices. His exaggerated characters and outlandish situations highlight real-world problems, prompting viewers to think critically and question the status quo.

From police brutality and corruption to poverty and gender inequality, Mr. Macaroni tackles a wide range of sensitive topics. His skits don’t shy away from difficult conversations, encouraging viewers to engage in meaningful discourse.

8. Kassim Braimah

Kassim Braimah

Channel Focus: Education

Subscribers: over 800k

Kassim Braimah’s YouTube channel ‘Yawa Skits’ is another popular one among admirers around the country. It’s a humor channel that creates comedic videos. The main character in their comedy-drama is named Kalistus.

Yawa Skits was one of Nigeria’s first comedy channels, and many believe it to be among the greatest in the country. Yawa presently has over 794 thousand subscribers and over 50 million views.

The CEO of this channel (Kassim Braimah) makes more than 5 million naira every month from his YouTube channel. Thus worthy to be on the list of our top 10 YouTubers in Nigeria.

9. Tayo Aina

Tayo Aina

Channel Focus: Tourism

Subscribers: over 700k

Tayo Aina is one of the top-growing YouTubers in Nigeria. He’s known for making travel and lifestyle videos within Africa. Most of his travels span across Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa.

He started creating videos on his interviews with several successful entrepreneurs in Africa. While travel vlogs abound on YouTube, Tayo sets himself apart by going deeper than picturesque locations.

His vlogs weave in historical context, local stories, and personal interactions, painting a nuanced portrait of the places he visits. Whether exploring the bustling streets of Lagos or venturing into the serene beauty of the Obudu Mountain Resort, Tayo captures the essence of each place with stunning visuals and genuine curiosity.

10. Adeola Fayehun

Adeo;a Fayehun

Channel Focus: Societal Issues

Subscribers: over 600k

Adeola Eunice Oladele Fayehun is a Nigerian journalist who focuses on discussing current geopolitical, economic and societal issues. Her channel is also known as “Keep it Real with Adeola.“.

Majority of her content focuses on the daily lives of Africans living in the world at large. In addition to that, she uses her YouTube channel to expose the corruption of the government and raise funds to support the poor.

Adeola has been living in the United States with her husband, Victor Fayehun, since 2011. However, she spent most of her years in the United States after she graduated from Olivet College. Currently, Adeola’s YouTube boasts over 1.8 million views every month.

In conclusion

There you have the top 10 Youtubers in Nigeria. All of them specialize in different aspects of life. Are you an avid fan of YouTube? You can check them out to get the latest content from them. Happy Reading!

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