Top 10 YouTubers in Africa

Top 10 YouTubers in Africa

This article explores the top 10 YouTubers in Africa that you may not know. No doubt, Africa’s entertainment scene is fast exploding. At the forefront of this revolution is a new breed of digital storytellers, i.e., YouTubers. From side-splitting comedy skits to thought-provoking documentaries, these top 10 creators are captivating audiences worldwide and redefining the African narrative. They’re as follows:

1. Oum Walid

Oum Walid

Channel Focus: Food

Subscribers: over 12 million

Country: Algeria

This YouTube channel, aptly named “Oum Walid Cuisine,” comprises a plethora of easy-to-follow and mouthwatering recipes. Oum Walid’s recipes cater to a diverse audience, especially beginners and busy home cooks. 

She prioritizes clear instructions, readily available ingredients, and practical tips, making her content accessible and relatable. Whether you’re craving traditional Moroccan dishes or quick weeknight meals, Oum Walid has something for everyone. 

What’s more? Her influence extends far beyond the Arab world. Her videos are translated into multiple languages, reaching viewers worldwide. So far, the Oum Walid YouTube channel boasts an impressive 1.7k videos, thus earning 1st spot in our list of the top 10 YouTubers in Africa.

2. Born2Kill-Moez

Born 2 Kill-Moez

Channel Focus: Video Games.

Subscribers: over 9 million.

Country: Tunisia

Where the online gaming world seems competitive, the Born2Kill-Moez YouTube channel stands out. It’s helmed by Moez, one of two brothers behind the “Born2Kill” brand. 

The channel offers a thrilling blend of high-level Battle Royale gameplay. Plus, entertaining commentary and a dash of humor. Moez’s prowess in popular battle royale games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty is undeniable. 

His videos showcase exceptional skills, quick reflexes, and strategic thinking, often resulting in impressive plays and clutch victories. Also, Moez’s personality adds another layer of entertainment. His witty, playful banter with teammates and occasional bursts of humor make watching his videos enjoyable.

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3. Mark Angel 

Mark Angel

Channel Focus: Comedy

Subscribers: over 9 million

Country: Nigeria

Mark Angel Comedy is a YouTube channel brimming with side-splitting skits and hilarious pranks. Led by the enigmatic Mark Angel, the channel offers a unique blend of humor that tackles everyday situations with a satirical twist, leaving viewers in stitches.

The success of Mark Angel Comedy wouldn’t be possible without its diverse cast of characters. Ranging from the mischievous Emmanuella and the ever-so-serious Aunty Success to the bumbling Uncle Ben and the ever-reliable Mr. Funny. 

Each character brings a unique touch to the skits, creating a hilarious ensemble that viewers love to see. Mark Angel’s skits often weave into relatable themes. Such as family dynamics, societal pressures, and cultural nuances, adding depth and meaning to the humor. 

4. Caspar Lee

Caspar Lee

Channel Focus: Vlogging

Subscribers: over 6 million

Country: British South Africa 

Spotted 4th on our list of the top 10 YouTubers in Africa is Caspar Lee’s YouTube channel. Caspar’s journey to becoming a YouTuber began in 2011 with prank videos alongside his then-roommate. 

Their goofy antics and lighthearted humor resonated with young audiences, propelling them into the YouTube limelight. 

Videos like “Shower Prank” and “Lie Detector Test with My Girlfriend” captured the essence of youthful fun and camaraderie. Thereby solidifying their “bromance” and establishing Caspar as a relatable entertainer.

Caspar’s content evolved over the years, and he soon embraced travel vlogs, taking viewers on breathtaking journeys across continents. Also, he doesn’t shy away from tackling complex issues. He delves into social documentaries, shedding light on important topics like mental health and social injustice.

5. Shadi Srour

Top 10 Youtubers in Africa

Channel Focus: Comedy and Lifestyle 

Subscribers: over 3 million

Country: Egypt

Shadi Srour is a YouTube artist and video creator from Egypt. He’s one of the most popular African American YouTubers, with more and shorter films. Above all, he’s one of the most popular African American YouTubers.

Shadi Stout attracts a large audience through light entertainment, difficult-to-understand comedy, business ideas, and music. He is a real Egyptian guy. 

Despite having “only” 6.75 million subscribers, Shadi is the Sheikh of YouTubers, with nearly 1 billion views on his clips. North African creators benefit from having a huge distribution network. He has risen to prominence in the Arab world thanks to his uncritical, light fare.

6. Jackie Aina 

Jackie Aina

Channel Focus: Beauty & Fashion

Subscribers: over 3 million

Country: Nigeria

Jackie Aina is a name synonymous with bold beauty statements, unapologetic honesty, and fierce advocacy. This woman has cemented her place as a leading voice in the YouTube beauty community.

Jackie’s journey began in 2008, fueled by a passion for makeup. As well as a desire to connect with others who shared her love for the colorful world of beauty. 

Her vibrant personality and candid commentary resonated with viewers. Her 2017 video “Weren’t we all fools,” critiquing a foundation’s lack of diverse shades. This video went viral and sparked crucial conversations about inclusivity in the beauty industry.

Today, the obsessed reviewer of “Dior” advent calendar goes beyond makeup tutorials and hauls. She fosters conversations about beauty standards, diversity, and self-love while always keeping it real and entertaining.

7. Die Antwoord

Top 10 Youtubers in Africa

Channel Focus: Music

Subscribers: over 3 million

Country: Cape Town 

Die Antwoord comprises a South African rap-rave group fronted by the enigmatic duo of Ninja and Yolandi Visser. They stormed the YouTube landscape with their unique blend of music and visuals in 2008.

Die Antwoord brought their “zef” aesthetic—a celebration of South Africa’s counterculture—to the global stage. Their music videos, often directed by visual provocateur Roger Ballen, are always outrageous, bizarre, and undeniably catchy. 

The channel’s influence extends far beyond South Africa. They’ve collaborated with renowned artists like Diplo and Snoop Dogg. Also, they’ve performed at major music festivals worldwide and even garnered mainstream attention with appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

8. SamSpedy


Channel Focus: Comedy and Lifestyle 

Subscribers: over 3 million

Country: Nigeria

SamSpedy, real name Samuel Asubiojo is a famous comedian and entertainer. His channel offers a unique blend of humor, family-oriented content, and social commentary.

While comedic skits remain a mainstay, SamSpedy’s content has evolved. He has incorporated challenges, pranks, and vlogs. He has even gone as far as creating short films, showcasing his versatility and keeping his audience engaged. 

SamSpedy’s “African Home” series offers a glimpse into Nigerian family life. Which also highlights cultural traditions and everyday experiences in a lighthearted and entertaining way.

9. Patricia Bright 

Patricia Bright

Channel Focus: Beauty and Lifestyle 

Subscribers: over 2 million

Country: Nigeria

Patricia Bright, known as The Chic Geek, is a UK-based YouTuber. She creates content that spans beauty, fashion, and personal development. While makeup tutorials were her initial claim to fame, Patricia’s content has evolved to embrace diverse themes. 

She delves into fashion hauls and styling tips, offering affordable alternatives and highlighting sustainable choices. Her “Get Ready With Me” videos provide a personal glimpse into her daily routines, fostering a sense of connection with viewers.

Patricia is known for her genuine and unbiased reviews of beauty and fashion products. She readily shares her experiences, positive and negative inclusive, ensuring viewers make informed decisions.

10. Masaka Kids Africana

Top 10 Youtubers in African

Channel Focus: Empowerment for less privileged children.

Subscribers: over 3 million

Country: Uganda

Masaka Kids Africana comprises African children aged two and above. The majority of the children had lost one or both parents due to war, famine, and disease. It’s a gifted group of less fortunate young children from Masaka, East Africa. 

The organization was founded in 2013 as an NGO to help children aged two and above. Those who’ve lost one or both of their parents may be going through a difficult time. 

They brought them together to begin dancing, and their motto is ‘DANCE, RISE, AND SHINE. Masaka Kids Africana lip-synchs other people’s songs and uploads them to their YouTube channel. They empower children, mobilize communities, and help them build a better future.



While this exploration has highlighted the top 10 phenomenal YouTubers in Africa, remember that this is just a glimpse into a vast and vibrant tapestry of African talent. From established veterans to rising stars, countless creators are pushing boundaries, captivating audiences, and redefining the online landscape.

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