Top 10 Prime Nollywood Movies of 2024

Top 10 Prime Nollywood Movies of 2024

Today, this article presents you with the cream of the crop: the Top 10 Prime Nollywood movies of 2024! 2023 saw a surge in Nollywood’s global presence, with streaming platforms like Prime Video showcasing the industry’s captivating stories. Guess what! They plan to continue this in 2024 and the years beyond. Enjoy!

1. Breath of Life

Top 10 Prime Nollywood Movies of 2024

Released in November 2023 on Prime Video, “Breath of Life” isn’t just a Nollywood film; it’s a poignant exploration of faith, forgiveness, and the search for meaning. Written and directed by BB Sasore, the film takes viewers on a captivating journey through the lives of two intertwined characters, Timi and Elijah.

While “Breath of Life” certainly resonates with those exploring religious themes, its message transcends these boundaries. The film’s essence lies in its exploration of human connection, second chances, and the possibility of finding purpose even amid darkness.

Whether you’re always moved by its message or you enjoy a well-crafted story with strong performances, “Breath of Life” is a film worth adding to your watchlist.

2. Love in a Pandemic

Love in a Pandemic

This movie is set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic in Lagos, Nigeria. “Love in a Pandemic” tells the story of Bolanle (played by Nancy Isime) and Alex (played by Deyemi Okanlawon). 

Bolanle works at a logistics company, while Alex is a popular radio host. Their paths cross during the lockdown, leading to a whirlwind romance filled with challenges and triumphs. 

This movie was directed by Uchechi Okoroafor, who has directed other rom-coms like “Sugar Rush”, “The Ghost and the Tout Too.” Other cast members featured in the movie include Jidekene Obueze, Bimbo Ademoye, Toyin Abraham, and Linda Osifo. 

Aside from Prime Video, you can watch this movie on other streaming sites, like Iroko TV, Showmax, or YouTube.

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3. Big Love 

Big Love

Released in June 2023, Biodun Stephen’s “Big Love” quickly captured the hearts of Nollywood audiences with its charming blend of romance, family drama, and social commentary. 

The film tells the story of Adil, a young graduate struggling to navigate the uncertainties of post-university life. As well as the life of Adina, an ambitious and independent woman he meets at a training camp.

While the movie features the classic rom-com elements of star-crossed lovers and heartwarming moments, it delves deeper into themes of familial expectations, individual ambition, and societal pressures. 

“Big Love” not only won hearts but also resonated at the box office. It became one of the highest-grossing Nigerian films of 2023.

4. Trade

The Trade

In 2023, Nollywood delivered a powerful punch with “The Trade.” This is a crime thriller that delves into the dark underworld of kidnapping and its devastating consequences. 

Directed by the talented Jade Osiberu and starring a stellar cast including Blossom Chukwujekwu, Shawn Faqua, and Ali Nuhu, the film resonated with audiences for its gritty realism, thought-provoking narrative, and nuanced performances.

Although the film’s suspenseful plot keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, “The Trade” goes beyond mere entertainment. It raises crucial questions about poverty, inequality, and the cycle of violence that plagues many societies. The film doesn’t offer easy answers, but it challenges viewers to consider the root causes of crime and the path toward redemption.

5. Gangs of Lagos

Gangs of Lagos

Director Jade Osiberu masterfully navigates the complexities of loyalty, betrayal, and redemption in this movie. Thus, viewers are left grappling with the human cost of navigating a world defined by violence and desperation.

The film follows a group of childhood friends growing up in the volatile Isale Eko neighborhood. As their lives diverge, their paths become entangled with the notorious “Black Axe” gang, drawing them into a web of violence and crime. 

Released in April 2023, “Gangs of Lagos” carved a distinct path in the Nollywood landscape. Offering a raw and unflinching portrayal of life within Lagos’ notorious gang culture.

This movie isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a raw and unflinching exploration of a complex and ignored social issue. Therefore, those seeking a thought-provoking film that challenges perspectives and sparks discussions will enjoy it more.

6. The House of Secrets

House of Secrets

The storyline of this movie centers on Omotunde, a woman imprisoned for 20 years as an accomplice to her spy lover’s activities. Upon release, she finds herself in a strange yet familiar house, meticulously recreated to trigger memories of her past life. 

A mysterious group tasks her with remembering a secret code. They went as far as promising it holds the key to her freedom and perhaps reconciliation with her lost love.

Funlola Aofiyebi delivers a compelling performance as Omotunde, capturing her vulnerability, confusion, and unwavering determination. Ebisan Arayi portrays her enigmatic lover, adding an air of mystery and intrigue. 

The supporting cast, including Taye Arimoro and Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga, further enhances the narrative with their nuanced performances.

7. Raised Apart

Raised Apart

Raised Apart, a 2023 Nollywood film directed by Oliver Iorkase, takes viewers on a comedic journey. Exploring themes of family, identity, and the unexpected consequences of past choices. The movie has garnered attention for its unique premise and the stellar performance by Bovi Ugboma, who plays not one but two lead roles. 

The story revolves around identical twins, Akpos and Uzor, who were separated at birth due to a tragic accident. Akpos grows up in a rural village with his strict grandmother. Uzor enjoys a privileged upbringing in the city with his wealthy adoptive parents.

Years later, a twist of fate brings the brothers together, leading to hilarious clashes as they navigate their vastly different worlds and attempt to reconcile their contrasting identities. Whether you’re looking for a lighthearted laugh or a film with deeper meaning, “Raised Apart” is worth checking out which is why it could made it to our list of top 10 Prime Nollywood Movies of 2024.

8. Orisa

top10 Prime Nollywood Movies of 2024

Orisa is a 2023 movie that blends political intrigue, spiritual exploration, and epic historical drama to deliver a captivating cinematic experience. Directed by Odunlade Adekola, the movie delves into the story of a king whose descent into madness coincides with the return of a dangerous adversary.

As the terrorists threaten to seize control of the kingdom, the fate of the nation rests on the shoulders of unlikely heroes. These heros must navigate a treacherous landscape of political turmoil, religious fervor, and personal demons.

Orisa” has received positive reviews for its exploration of complex themes, its performances, and its visual storytelling. Critics have praised the film’s ability to balance action and drama. The film currently holds a 9.21 rating on IMDb, indicating a vast audience reception.

9. Half Heaven 

Top 10 Prime Nollywood Movies of 2024

Half Heaven is a 2023 Cameroonian-Nigerian spiritual drama film and ranks 9. This movie offers a captivating story of faith, transformation, and hope set against the backdrop of a dangerous and unforgiving community. 

Directed by Enah Johnscott and written by Proxy Buh, the film explores the intricate relationship between Pastor Kizito and Bisona, a former prostitute. Through their unlikely bond, Kizito and Bisona embark on a journey of self-discovery. 

As Kizito witnesses Bisona’s strength and resilience, his preconceived notions about faith and morality begin to crumble. Simultaneously, Bisona finds solace and a glimmer of hope through Kizito’s unwavering belief in her potential.

10. Sista


Sista” captivated audiences with its poignant story of single motherhood, navigating past hurts, and the enduring power of resilience. Directed and written by Stephen, the film stars Kehinde Bankole as Victoria, a strong and determined woman. She raised her two children alone after their father abandoned them eight months into her second pregnancy.

This movie dives into Victoria’s journey through hardships and sacrifices. She works tirelessly to provide for her children while battling loneliness and the pain of betrayal. 

Kehinde Bankole delivers a powerful performance, portraying Victoria’s unwavering love for her children and her strength during adversity. Despite the emotional depth, “Sista” isn’t just a tearjerker. It balances heartfelt moments with humor and warmth, showcasing Victoria’s unwavering spirit and the joy she finds in her children’s achievements. 


There you have the top 10 Prime Nollywood movies of 2024. Are there any you’re looking for? Then grab your popcorn and sit up to watch them, for you’ll have a great time watching them! Don’t forget to visit our homepage for more juicy movies on other platforms.

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