Top 10 Nancy Isime movies

Top 10 Nancy Isime Movies

Nancy Isime is a TV presenter and Nollywood actress. She is the producer and host of her own show, ‘The Nancy Isime Show’. She has also starred in many Nollywood blockbusters like Shanty Town’, Obara’M, and Blood Sisters. In this article, we will briefly describe some of her top 10 movies for you to check out.

1. Shanty Town

Shanty Town

Nancy Isime starred in the six-part series, ‘Shanty Town’ as Shalewa the prostitute who Scar (Chidi Mokeme) asked to get close to the son of Chief Fernandez (Richard Mofe-Damijo).

Her role in the movie aroused a lot of controversy because of the nude scene she played in the movie.

Her unclad role in the movie incited mixed reactions from her fans and other netizens, even after she explained on Instagram that it was her double body.

2. Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters

If you want to see Nancy Isime in an action role, then you most definitely should watch ‘Blood Sisters’. Blood Sisters is a four-part series where she played ‘Kemi’, who was Sarah’s (Ini Dima-Okojie) Best friend.

In the movie, she accidentally killed Sarah’s fianc√©, Kola (Deyemi Okanlawon). Now both friends are on the run from both the law and Kola’s very powerful family.

Will they be able to escape the full wrath of the law or the burning anger of Kola’s mum and what exactly is their fate if they get caught?

3. She Must Be Obeyed

She Must Be Obeyed

In 2023, Funke Akindele brought Nancy Isime on board as part of the cast for her Amazon Prime Video mini-series titled ‘She Must Be Obeyed‘. The movie is about the lives of some successful music stars. Nancy Isime plays the role of Victoria, an overly ambitious newbie in the music industry.

4. You Who I Call Sister

You Who I Call Sister

This is a movie about 2 blood Sisters, Nanya (Nancy Isime) and Ugo (Scarlet Gomez). The movie begins with news of Ugo leaving a rehab. 

While everyone is scared because of how dangerous Ugo is, Nanya is happy at the prospect of seeing her sister again. 

Unknown to her the arrival of her sister will lead to a twist in her marriage due to the age long secret between her sister and her husband.

5. Love in a Pandemic

Love in a Pandemic

COVID-19 had its toll on everyone in every industry. Three years after the pandemic, the Nigerian movie industry decided to make a movie about the pandemic. Nancy Isime was the lead actress in this movie, she played the role of ‘Bolanle Davis’, a customer care agent _ well, until the pandemic hit.

During the pandemic, Bolanle worked from home shortly before she quit her job and became a chef, while battling a heartbreak and attempting to find love again.

6. 2 Sisters & A Friend

2 Sisters & A Friend

In this movie, Nancy plays the role of a manipulative friend named Kemi. Kemi was best friends with Valerie (Bimbo Ademoye) and she constantly drives a wedge between Valerie and her family.

The movie also starred Nollywood actors like Kenneth Okolie, Rachel Okonkwo and Blessing Onwukwe.

7. Obara’M


Obara’M, which means ‘My Blood’, has Nancy as its lead actress. In the movie, she played the role of Oluchi, an upcoming musician with a troubled past.

After she loses her father, she had to face her true identity. Find out how her past mistakes are affecting her present life in this Nollywood blockbuster.

8. Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards

Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards

Ever seen Nancy act the part of a disorganized lady? Here, she plays ‘Kambili’, a reckless shopaholic and unpunctual 29-year-old lady.

In the movie, she hoped to get married before she turned 30, but her boyfriend (Mawuli Gavor) broke up with her because of her uncultured lifestyle. The story revolves around friendship, discipline, love, goal setting and success.

9. Unconventional


Can you marry someone you just met? In this movie, Excel (Nancy Isime) marries a total stranger for no reason. If you are a fan of Nancy Isime, ‘Unconventional’ is a must-watch for you. Find out why a full-grown adult will marry a stranger without any form of duress or pressure.

10. Teni’s Big Day

Teni's Big Day

In this movie, Nancy plays the role of Teniola Lawson, a bride-to-be who intended for her friends and family to come together at her destination wedding.

But things don’t go as she planned, as all of her guests come with loads of emotional baggage.

This movie was directed by veteran Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot. It is a sequel to the movies ‘Hire a Man’ and ‘Hire a Woman’.


There you have it. These are the top 10 Nancy Isime movies that were a hit. If you think we missed anything, kindly let us know in the comment section. Do not hesitate to share this post with others.

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