Top 10 Bimbo Ademoye movies

Top 10 Bimbo Ademoye Movies

Bimbo Ademoye is one of the hottest actresses in the Nigerian film industry. Even though she has starred in quite a number of movies, she doesn’t feature in any kind of movie but those that turn out to be blockbusters such as Anikulapo and Breaded Life. In this article, we will briefly overview the top 10 Bimbo Ademoye movies. So, if you’re a fan of hers or would like to watch some of her featured movies, this article is for you.

1. Anikulapo


Bimbo Ademoye played the role of Queen Arolake in the Netflix blockbuster movie, Anikulapo, directed and produced by Kunle Afolayan in 2022. Arolake was the youngest queen of Alaafin in the movie.

In the movie, she fell in love with Saro (Kunle Remi), cheated on the King, and eloped with her lover. She was the one who took the gourd from the sacred bird in the forest. She gave the gourd to Saro so he could use it to wake people from the dead. That made him quickly famous in their new village.

She was nominated for AMVCA’s Best Actress award for her role in this movie.

2. Breaded Life

Breaded Life

Bimbo Ademoye starred as a bread seller in Breaded Life, a 2021 Nigerian comedy drama directed by Biodun Stephen. In this movie, she is the only one who could remember the arrogant son (Timini Egbuson) of a wealthy family. So, you can start to imagine how this movie would be.

It is a spin off of another Nigerian movie, Picture Perfect, by the same producer. Picture Perfect is a Nollywood romantic drama movie produced in 2016 but does not feature Bimbo Ademoye.

Breaded Life also features other popular Nigerian actors and celebrities, including Lateef Adedimeji, Bolanle Ninalowo, and MC Lively.

3. Sugar Rush

Subar Rush

Bimbo is one of the lead roles in Sugar Rush, a Nollywood action comedy crime movie produced by Jade Osiberu and Abimbola Craig in 2019. She played the role of Bola Sugar, one of the three sisters who found huge dollar notes in the house of a corrupt man, Chief Douglas.

They took the money and started to spend it. In only a few days, they got into trouble when mafias came for the money. EFCC also visited their home to search for the money but couldn’t find a trace of it. The Sugar sisters too suddenly couldn’t find the money in their home. Then, who took it?

4. Big Love

Big Love

Biodun Stephen thought wisely to feature Bimbo Ademoye in her movie, Big Love. It is a Nollywood English romantic family drama produced in 2023. Other stars in this movie include Timini Egbuson (Adil), Jaiye Kuti, and Shafy Bello.

In this movie, Bimbo starred as Adina, a strong-willed woman who met Adil, another passionate guy at a graduate trainee camp. The duo fell in love with each other but Adina has a secret she is not willing to share.

What is she hiding and will Adil find out later? How would he react? Watch Big Love on Prime Video to enjoy the suspense and drama.

5. Jagun Jagun

Jagun Jagun

Jagun Jagun is one of the most talked-about 2023 Nollywood movies. Bimbo played the role of Morohunmubo in this movie. She acted as Gbogunmi’s wife, who was thought to be the strongest warrior in the movie after Ogundiji.

Her role was seamless, as her husband, Gbogunmi (played by Ibrahim Yekini, aka Itele the Icon), lost a fight against Gbotija (played by Lateef Adedimeji).

6. Tanwa Savage

Tanwa Savage

Tosin (Bimbo Ademoye) is one of the three women who got pregnant to Jolaoluwa (Uzor Arukwe) in the 2021 Nigerian comedy drama named Tanwa Savage. Jolaoluwa is a married man desperate to prove this good medical state by having multiple extramarital affairs.

As you’d know, Bimbo is a quite comic actress. You can confirm via her Instagram handle where he tries to mimic the actions of people in their videos.

7. Gangs of Lagos

Gangs of Lagos

Bimbo Ademoye is Teniola in Jade Osiberu’s 2023 Blockbuster movie, Gangs of Lagos. Teni is Kazeem’s daughter and a lover to Obalola (Tobi Bakre) in this action suspense drama. Kazeem is a dreaded gang leader in Isale Eko whose daughter, Teni just returned to Nigeria from the United States. She had no knowledge about the kind of dealing her father was involved in.

According to some reports, Bimbo Ademoye invested some money into the movie, which she regarded as her best financial decision. She initially thought she would play the role of Gift (Played by Adesua Etomi) when she received the movie script. However, Jade offered her something different.

8. Hotel Labamba

Hotel Labamba

Have you seen Bimbo Ademoye play the role of a detective or profile officer? If you haven’t, then you should watch the Hotel Labamba. It’s a 2023 crime comedy movie also starring Femi Adebayo (SIU Head Detective) and Lateef Adedimeji (Big Berry). She starred as Detective Zizi in this blockbuster.

The movie was directed by Biodun Stephen, revolves around a murder mystery in a hotel in Oyo town. Its writer, Frances Okeke, ensured that the storyline was intriguing and there were plenty of suspense scenes.

9. Introducing the Kujus

Introducing the Kujus

Introducing the Kujus is one of the top 10 Bimbo Ademoye movies. She played the role of Ebi, Maupe’s daughter, who is the eldest of the Kuju’s family. She had two tyrant siblings in the movie, while she was independent-minded.

Introducing The Kujus is a 2020 Nigerian comedy movie about five siblings at crossroads, unwanting to visit their hometown for their mother’s remembrance after her decease five years ago.

Maupe then devise a plan to unite her siblings but is unaware of how to go about it, as they were not in good talking terms.

The movie has a sequel titled “The Kujus Again (2023)” starring the CEO of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy.

10. Head Over Bills

Head Over Bills

Bimbo Ademoye played Cheta, a lead role in the 2022 Nollywood comedy movie, Head Over Bills. Cheta is one of Madam Ofili’s three daughters, who had difficulty getting their mother to approve of their lovers.

As a result, they lost it and were on the verge of rediscovering themselves. Her role was a unique one. She is a money squanderer in this movie.

Wrap Up!

With our review of the top 10 Bimbo Ademoye movies, you now know which of her movies are highly rated and can stream your choices on Netflix or Prime Video.

Feel free to share this post on various social media platforms and let us your views in the comment section below.

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