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Steve Harris – Biography and Career Journey

This post is about a renowned business strategist, coach, speaker, and author in Nigeria, Steve Harris.


  • A college dropout who eventually became a business growth expert
  • A highly sought-after motivational speaker
  • Founder of EdgeEcution, a business management consultancy firm in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

Read on as we look into a dropout’s personal life and transition to a CEO and business strategist.

Who Is Steve Harris?

Steve Harris is a well-known life and business strategist who provides strategic advice and consulting for top organizations. So far, he has helped his clients to generate a revenue of more than $45 million.

Steve is also a business coach and author. His books have sold over 30,000 copies on various platforms. Besides, he has a podcast titled “The Ugly Truth about Business.”

Steve Harris podcast cover

The podcast has more than 200,000 downloads and is rated among the Top 15 in the iTunes Training category.

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Steve Harris is successful today, but do you know how he started or ever found out that he is a college dropout to date? Steve dropped out twice from two Nigerian universities. In 2004, he was first advised to withdraw from the UNIBEN, Edo State, Nigeria, because of his low grades.

Subsequently, he enrolled for Bachelor’s degree studies at Madonna University but had to stop schooling barely seven months due to some embarrassment.

Steve’s age and relationship status is presently undisclosed.

Career – A Unique Career Success Story

After Steve dropped out of school, he returned home and relied on his younger sister’s handouts for learning. Not long after, he got a job of ₦10,000 monthly salary as an office assistant. He had no other option than to take the job since his sister was tired of giving him money.

Steve later met Fela Durotoye, a leading motivational speaker and then CEO of VIP Consulting Ltd. They met, and he explained his challenges to him.

Afterward, he resigned from his job for an unpaid volunteer work at VIP Consulting, a Lagos-based consultancy company.

Fela became his mentor, and he volunteered for 5 months without any financial compensation. However, he gained vast experience in business consulting.

When VIP Consulting needed to develop a marketing strategy for sales, he took up the tasks willingly and did it awesomely.

Steve then became a full-time staff member at VIP Consulting. There was a time in 2006 Fela was so busy that he couldn’t attend a training appointment at a bank, and his associates were also occupied. Steve was confident enough to represent his boss in the training, whose schedule was less than 24 hours.

Months before then, he had already prepped for such opportunities to come. He had been taking notes in Fela’s training sessions and awaited a time to level up his career.

He went to the bank to train the entry staff and delivered excellently. From that time, he never worked as an office assistant. And that’s how Steve Harris started.

Steve Harris in office

Steve Harris has been featured in several newspapers and magazines, including Forbes, The Economist, Yahoo! Finance, SLATE, New York Weekly, and CEO Weekly.

While his sister now works for a Nigerian airline, Steve is a successful business growth expert. He has also authored two books titled “From Friend to Fiancee” and “From College Dropout to Corporate Sellout.”

In September 2015, he was recognized by the JCI’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) program.

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