St. Louis Battlehawks

St. Louis Battlehawks – About, History, Records, and More.


  • Official team includes Royal Blue, White, Grey and Navy
  • They have their home stadium at The Dome at America’s Center
  • Head Coach and general manager is Anthony Becht

About St. Louis Battlehawks

St. Louis Battlehawks is one of the professional football teams under the XFL based in St. Louis, Missouri.

The team was created in 2018 and have their home games at The Dome at America’s Center.

The official team colors of the Battlehawks are Royal Blue, White, Grey and Navy

They have the third highest win percentage among all XFL teams in the 2023 regular season.

The team also has the highest fan attendance among all XFL teams in their home games 

St. Louis Battlehawks


St. Louis was selected as one of the eight cities where the Exclusive Football League (XFL) began its operations in 2018.

Jonathan Hayes, a one time coach for the Cincinnati Bengals was employed as the first head coach of the team on April 18, 2019.

The team name was announced as St. Louis Battlehawks on August 21, 2019 and the logo was also unveiled on the same day.

The team’s uniform was revealed in December, 2019 and the official team colors was revealed as Royal Blue, White, Grey and Navy.

On October 15, 2019, St. Louis Battlehawks signed Jordan Ta’amu as their first player.

The first game that the team won was against Dallas renegades with a score of 15-9 on February 8, 2020

The XFL canceled the unfinished 2020 XFL season on April 10, 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before the cancellation of the 2020 season, The St. Louis Battlehawks finished with a record of 3-2

During the course of the pandemic break, XFL was sold off to RedBird Capital Partners by its original owners, Alpha Entertainments.

On April 13, 2022 Anthony Becht was employed by XFL as the general manager and head coach of St. Louis Battlehawks 

Months later, the return of St. Louis Battlehawks was assured and on October 31, 2022, it was announced that the team would return with a slightly different logo.


  • General manager – Anthony Becht
  • Director of team operations – Anastasia Ali
  • Director of player personnel – Dave Boller
  • Director of media relations – Brian Stull
  • Athletic trainer – Eric Avila
  • Equipment manager – Todd Hewitt
  • Video manager – Sean Hollister
St. Louis Battlehawks


  • Head coach – Anthony Becht
  • Offensive coaches
  • Offensive coordinator – Bruce Gradkowski
  • Running backs – Art Valero
  • Wide receivers – Ricky Proehl
  • Offensive assistant – Mark Lee
  • Defensive coordinator – Donnie Abraham
  • Defensive line – La’Roi Glover
  • Linebackers – Chris Claiborne
  • Quality control/asst. defensive backs – Devin Abraham


St. Louis Battlehawks has about 68 players on their roster including reserves and special teams 

Some of their prominent players includes Matt Jones, Christine Michael, Marquette King, George Campbell, Johnny Buchanan and Jake Brammer.

The team has nine players on their reserve list some of which includes Darion Chafin, Jacob Gall and Jaylen Hall.

Five of their team members are currently playing at the NFL.

Their names and the NFL team they play for are –

  • Taylor Heinicke – Atlanta Falcons
  • A. J. McCarron – Cincinnati Bengals
  • LaCale London – Atlanta Falcons
  • Jaryd Jones-Smith – Washington Commanders
  • Lukas Denis – Atlanta Falcons

St. Louis Battlehawks has three players on their special teams; Donny Hageman, Sterling Hofrichter and Alex Matheson.

One of their wide receivers, Darrius Shepherd won the XFL Special Teams Player of the Year award in 2023.


The St. Louis Battlehawks has the the third highest win percentage among all existing XFL teams.

The team has a 62.5% win, a 12.5% loss and 25% tie score at the overall regular season games.

The Battlehawks won against the Vegas Vipers, Orlando Guardians and Arlington Renegades each by 2-0.

They also won the San Antonio Brahmas by 1-0 and Seattle Sea Dragons by 2-1. The Battlehawks team lost to DC Defenders by 0-3.

St. Louis Battlehawks had a tie score of 1-1 with Houston Roughnecks and a 0-0 score in their games against Los Angeles Wildcats.

St. Louis Battlehawks


The St. Louis Battlehawks has some leading records. A few of which includes-

  • 2150 passing yards record by A.J. McCarron 
  • 416 rushing yards record by Brian Hill
  • 7 coaching wins by Coach Anthony Becht
  • 59 tackles record by Willie Harvey Jr.
  • 599 receiving yards record by Hakeem Butler

Market Summary 

In the winter sports market, the St. Louis Battlehawks share the market with St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League.

In the spring sports market, they share the market with St Louis City SC of major league soccer and St Louis Cardinals of Major League Baseball.

The St. Louis Battlehawks have the highest followers on Instagram, Twitter and in fan attendance.

In the recent 2023 games, the Battlehawks ranked first to seventh in the top 8 attendance in all XFL games.

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