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Sioux Falls Storm – About, History, Staff, Players, Awards


  • Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
  • Won 11 League Championships, 13 Conference Championships, and six Division Championships
  • Coached by Kurtiss Riggs since 2003

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About the Sioux Falls Storm

The Sioux Falls Storm is an American professional arena football team based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. They started by joining the original Indoor Football League (IFL) in 1999 as the Sioux Falls Cobras. However, the team began play in the 2000 season, using the Sioux Falls Arena as its home arena until 2014.

The Storm presently plays its home games at Denny Sanford Premier Center.

Sioux Falls Storm logo


Sioux Falls Storm’s owners are David and Stephanie Richter and Patrick and Amber Garry. The team started as the Sioux Falls Cobras in 1999. They defeated the Sioux City Attack ‘44–30‘ in their first game. The Storm joined the National Indoor Football League (NIFL) after one season and had a name change to Sioux Falls Storm.

The team hosted the 2004 NIFL championship game but lost to the Lexington Horsemen. It played against the Horsemen a year later at the 2005 UIF playoffs in Lexington and eventually won in the second round.

Sioux Falls Storm is among the few teams to post a shutout in indoor football, which made the team defeat the Peoria Rough Riders in 2006.

They were part of the United Indoor Football (UIF) and was able to win four championships. The Storm used the Denny Sanford Premier Center as their arena for playing home games.

Kurtiss Riggs has been the team’s head coach since 2003.

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Sioux Falls Storm’ Staff

Storm football team has a number of experienced football coaching, football support, front office, and game day staff. See below for a list of each category and their respective positions:

Football Coaching Staff

  • Kurtiss Riggs – Head Coach, General Manager
  • Andre Fields – Assistant Head Coach, Defensive Coordinator
  • Peyton Riggs – Offensive Coordinator
  • Cory Johnsen – Recruiting Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator, and Defensive Line
  • Kristian Porter – Running Backs Coach
  • Mark Blackburn – Linebackers Coach
  • Paul Keizer – Strength & Conditioning, Offensive Line

Football Support Staff

  • Grant Thayer – Equipment Manager
  • Lane Kropuenske – Video Manager
  • Ben Gannon – Athletic Trainer

Front Office Staff

  • Tyler Pederson – Director of Sales and Operations
  • JJ Hartigan – Director of Media & Community Outreach
  • Eric Van Beek – Game Day Director
  • Taylor Staab – Group Ticket Sales Associate
  • Josh Jurgens – Photographer

Game Day staff

  • Ladonna Tonak – Merchandise Director
  • Colin Neuroth – Assistant Director of Game Day
  • Mitch Ketcham – Clock Operator
  • Chad White – Scoreboard Keeper
  • Emily Rommann – Guest Services


  • Justin Neuroth
  • Dave Hagen

Tunnel Crew

  • Jay Hicks
  • Becca Nevin
  • Denali White


  • Adam Bunger
  • Kory Klinkel
  • Aaron Bunger

Chain Gang

  • Jeremy Pepper
  • Chad Neilsen
  • Al Hansen
  • Chad Stephens

Sioux Falls Storm’ Roster 2023

Here’s is a list of the players in Sioux Falls Storm football team.

Sioux Falls Storm football team


  • Undraez Lilly
  • Jalen James
  • James Brown

Defensive Back

  • Byron Edwards
  • Clifton Duck
  • LaRonji Vason-McCoy
  • Eugene Ford
  • Dreko Statham

Wide Receiver

  • Donnie Corley Jr.
  • Draysean Hudson
  • Cole Thurness
  • Brandon Sheperd


  • Lorenzo Brown Jr.
  • Caden Walters


  • Austin Neufeld

Defensive Line

  • Isaiah Blackmon
  • VJ Malo
  • Logan Swanson
  • Jaylon Abdul-Karim
  • Daryle Banfield

Running Back

  • Xavier Jackson

Offensive Line

  • Lawrence Martin IV
  • Nicholas Roos
  • Jacob Oglesby
  • Lawrence Edwards

Awards and Honors

Sioux Falls Storm is an award-winning football team with so many honors. Some of their awards and honors are as follows.

  • 2023 – IFL Hall of Fame Inductee (Tyler Knight and Parker Douglass)
  • 2023 – All-IFL Rookie Team (Eugene Ford)
  • 2023 – Second Team All-IFL (James Brown, Lawrence Martin IV, and Eugene Ford)
  • 2011 – IFL offensive player of the year (Chris Dixon)
  • 2008 – Western Conference All-Star (Bryan Alberty, Mark Blackburn, Paul Keizer, Cory Johnsen, James Terry, Shannon Poppinga, and Sean Treasure)
  • 2007 – UIF Dance Team of the Year (Lightning Girls)
  • 2007 – UIF Coach of the Year (Kurtiss Riggs)
  • 2006 – IFL Community Relations Award
  • 2006 – IFL Franchise of the Year
  • 2006 – IFL’s Top 10 Players of the 2016 Season
  • 2006 – IFL Best Fan Base
  • 2005 – Best Game Day Presentation

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