San Diego Strike Force

San Diego Strike Force: History, Players, and Records

This article gives you a walk through the journey of the San Diego Strike Force, a football team born from the ashes of disappointment and fueled by resilience.


  • Founded in 2008 by Roy Choi.
  • Uses Pechanga Arena in San Diego as their home stadium.
  • Became affiliated with IFL in 2009.

Who is the San Diego Strike Force?

The San Diego Strike Force is a professional indoor football team based in the heart of sunny San Diego, California. They play in the Indoor Football League (IFL) and call Pechanga Arena San Diego their home stadium.

San Diego Strike Force


Following the departure of the San Diego Chargers from the NFL, a void lingered in the city’s sporting landscape. Then came Roy Choi, a visionary leader, who saw an opportunity to reignite the gridiron passion by establishing the San Diego Strike Force.

The team was initially announced as a 2019 expansion team for the Indoor Football League (IFL). Thus bringing a fast-paced, high-scoring brand of football to Pechanga Arena.

Burt Grossman, a former Chargers’ defensive end, became the inaugural head coach, while Brian Cox, a seasoned sports agent and quarterback, took the reins as general manager.

On March 8th, 2019, the Strike Force took their first steps onto the field, embarking on their inaugural season amidst an electric atmosphere. Highlights of the season included a thrilling victory against the Arizona Rattlers and a defensive performance against the Tucson Sugar Skulls.

After playing just three games, the IFL season was abruptly suspended due to COVID-19. With the pandemic still raging, they canceled the 2021 IFL season as well.

The Strike Force entered a period of dormancy, using the time to reevaluate and restructure. As such, the team’s ownership transitioned to a new group led by Taylor Genuser, a young and ambitious coach eager to take the team to new heights.

San Diego Strike Force soon roared back onto the field in 2022. Under the leadership of Genuser, they showcased a more offensive-minded approach, racking up several high-scoring victories.

Season-by-Season Game Record of San Diego Strike Force

The San Diego Strike Force, though a young team in the Indoor Football League (IFL), has packed its history with a fighting spirit and a steady climb in victories. Here’s a look at their wins since their inaugural season:

San Diego Strike Force


  • 40-34 win against the Quad City Steamwheelers.
  • Nail-biter 33-32 win against the Arizona Rattlers: Another nail-biter 33-32 win.
  • 67-66 against the Tucson Sugar Skulls.
  • 32-28 against the Bismarck Bucks’.


  • 51-30-win Massachusetts Pirates: The Strike Force started strong with a 51-30 win in their only home game.
  • Hard fought a 42-38 victory against the Frisco Fighters.


  • 67-66 performance against the Tucson Sugar Skulls: A wild 67-66 shootout win.
  • 66-26 shoot-out win Bay Area Panthers: A dominant 66-26 performance.
  • Narrow 40-37 victory against the Vegas Knight Hawks.


  • 46-27 win against the Bay Area Panthers.
  • 32-29 close victory against the Duke City Gladiators.
  • 53-30 thrilling victory over the Northern Arizona Wranglers.
  • 44-40 win over the Frisco Fighters.
  • 40-37 close win against the Tucson Sugar Skulls.
  • 48-41 loss against the Vegas Knight Hawks.

San Diego Strike Force Players Roaster

Here is the team’s current roster:

Running Backs

  • Ezekiel Noa.
  • Marquis “Hoodie” Rodgers.
  • Defensive Linemen
  • Michael Badejo
  • Byron Cooper.
  • Charles Walker.

Wide Receivers

  • Carlos Thompson.
  • Travon Van.
  • Kyree McLean.
  • Marques “Hoodie” Rodgers.
  • Clayton Glasco.

Offensive Linemen

  • Michael Badejo.
  • David Tolentino, Jr.
  • Byron Cooper.
  • DJ Morgan.
  • Charles Walker.


  • Nate Davis
  • Rudy Johnson
  • Demry Croft

Defensive Backs

  • David Haney.
  • Kyree McLean.
  • Travon Van.
  • Marques “Hoodie” Rodgers.
  • Amechie Walker.
  • Specialists
  • David Haney.


  • DJ Morgan.
  • Byron Cooper.
  • Clayton Glasco.
  • Tight Ends
  • Kentrez Bell.

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