SamSpedy – A Medical Doctor Turned Comedian

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  • Born in Lagos, Nigeria, on May 5, 1993
  • Medical doctor, comedian, and vlogger
  • Proud owner of two YouTube channels and a fashion brand

Who Is SamSpedy?

SamSpedy is one of the top influencers in Nigeria. He’s largely leveraging YouTube, where he creates content that relates to African culture.

He creates comedy content where he mostly takes on the role of Mama Ojo or Ojo. He mimics how a typical African mother reacts to situations in the home.

SamSpedy is the proud owner of two YouTube channels. He uses one channel to make comedy and the other to post his vlogs.

The famous influencer is yet to get married. However, rumors had it that he’s romantically involved with Debinna, a top social media influencer.


Personal Life (Early/recent)

SamSpedy’s birth name is Samuel Oluwafemi Asubiojo, and his parents gave birth to him on May 5, 1994. His parents’ names are Mr. Femi Asubiojo and Mrs. Enuice Asubiojo.

His dad is a priest; the founder of the Fountain of Living Water International Assembly. While his mom works as a marriage counselor and as an actress.

Aside from SamSpedy, the family has four children. Namely, Titilayo Asubiojo Mamukuyomi, the eldest, a practicing medical doctor, and a microbiologist.

He has twin brothers, David and Dannielo Asubiojo, who are social media stars. And lastly, a younger sister whose name remains undisclosed.

SamSpedy’s parents gave birth to him in Lagos, Nigeria, but the family soon moved to Abuja shortly after. He was three years old when they moved to Abuja. He’s a native of Ekiti, Ido-Osi local government, a Yoruba by tribe.

He attended Abuja International Academy for his primary schooling and did his secondary schooling at Royal College. He moved to Zaporizhzhya State Medical University in Ukraine for his tertiary education. In due time, SamSpedy soon became a graduate, bagging a degree in medicine and surgery.

Career Journey to Stardom

In 2014, SamSpedy began to showcase his ability to make people laugh. He did this by opening his YouTube channel, where he posts comedy videos of himself.


A year later, he created a comedy titled “Five Things That Get People Angry”. He received several positive comments from that comedy. 

This set him on a course for success in the world of comedy. SamSpedy kept working hard by creating comedy that resonated with his fans.

He focused on creating comedies about how typical African mothers act and react to situations. One of the popular comedies he has produced so far is titled “Africa Home: In My Feelings Challenge. 

The comedy superstar created that comedy in 2018, and it has so far amassed over 7 million views. Today, his YouTube channel boasts over 1.7 million subscribers.

SamSpedy has created more fame for himself by creating another YouTube channel. Here, he posts travel vlogs and his daily life vlogs.


You can check out Samspedy’s comedy videos on SamSpedy and his vlogs on SamSpedy TV. Alongside the entertainer is an entrepreneur who owns the SamSpedy fashion brand.

In 2017, he won the Comedian of the Year award at the Splash Awards.

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