Samson Nacau

Samson Nacau – Biography of an Exceptional Football Player


  • Born on January 20, in Las Vegas.
  • Badged American Rivalry MVP award in 2015.
  • Named to the Today All-USA Utah Football second team.

Who is Samson Nacau?

Samson Nacua is a wide receiver destined for gridiron greatness. His impressive stats include 226 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns.

He caught the attention of college scouts and paved the way for his next chapter at Brigham Young University. Today, he’s a member of the Indianapolis Colts.

Samson Nacau

The Early Beginnings of Samson Nacau

Samson Nacau was born on January 20 in Las Vegas, Nevada; however, he grew up in Provo, Utah, when his family relocated after his birth. Before college, he attended Timpview High School in Provo and developed his football skills there.

Most noteworthy, football runs deep in the Nacua family. Samson’s late father, Lionel, played a significant role in instilling a love for the game in his children. His mom’s name is Penina, and the young athlete has four brothers and one sister.

Kai Nacu is his elder brother. He played safety at BYU and presently plays for the Carolina Panthers. Puka Nacua is his younger brother, a talented wide receiver who plays for BYU. His other siblings include two brothers and a sister; their information remains hidden from the public eye.

Samson’s talent began at the beginning of his life journey. He schooled at Timpview High School in Provo, earning the prestigious 2015 Great American Rivalry MVP award. This happened after a dominant performance against his rival school.

Moreover, his high school accolades include two-time all-region honors and a state championship title in 2014. These honors paved the way for his collegiate career.


Nacua’s arrival at BYU in 2016 was met with high expectations, and he quickly exceeded them. Although redshirted in his first year, he earned a scholarship during training camp the following season.  

His sure hands and powerful route running made him a reliable target for quarterbacks. He led the team in receiving touchdowns in both 2018 and 2019. By the end of this period, Nacua had amassed 106 receptions for 2,000 yards and 18 touchdowns, cementing his status as a BYU fan favorite.

Nacua’s senior year is his most productive year yet. He hauled in 64 receptions for 1,359 yards and nine touchdowns, showing his polished skills as an NFL prospect.

Samson Nacau

Despite going undrafted in 2021, Nacua’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. The Indianapolis Colts signed him as a free agent, and he was eager to prove himself on the biggest stage.

Nacua spent his rookie season on the Colts’ practice squad, learning from veterans and honing his skills. This valuable experience gave him a deeper understanding of the NFL game and prepared him for the next chapter.


In 2022, Samson Nacua earned a spot on the Colts’ active roster and finally saw limited action in the NFL. He caught four passes for 29 yards and one touchdown, exploring his ability to contribute as a professional. 

Beyond athletics, Samson is committed to his education: he earned a degree in sociology from Brigham Young University (BYU). He and his brother Puka had transferred to BYU from Utah and Washington, respectively, partly to be close to their grandmother, who was battling cancer at the time.

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