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Pittsburgh Maulers – Everything About The Team

This post contains all relevant information about the Pittsburgh Maulers football team in the United States.


  • Created in 2021 and headquartered in Canton, Ohio, USA
  • Affiliated with the United States Football League (USFL) North division
  • Presently uses Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, as their home stadium

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Who are the Pittsburgh Maulers?

The Pittsburgh Maulers is a professional football team that is part of the United States Football League (USFL) North division. Their headquarters is in Canton, Ohio, USA, where they play their home games at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. Their official team colors are black, gold, and white but were orange and purple as of 2022.

Pittsburgh Maulers logo
Pittsburgh Maulers logo

The Maulers won the 2023 Conference Championships and the 2023 USFL North Division Championships.


The Pittsburgh Maulers was founded in 2021, being among the eight football teams inaugurated in USFL’s re-launch. They started by using the Protective Stadium and Legion Field as their home stadium. Both are located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

They currently hold the USFL North division title for winning their final two games of the 2023 season.

The Pittsburgh Maulers hired Kirby Wilson, a former NFL running backs coach as their head coach in January 2022. Wilson then hired UConn’s Defensive Coordinator, Jarren Horton as the Maulers’ Defensive Coordinator. They drafted 35 players between February 22 and 23, 2022.

The Maulers started the 2022 season losing 0-4 in their first game. They eventually defeated the Houston Gamblers 21–20. The team finished the season with their worst record of 1-9.

Pittsburgh Maulers team
Part of Pittsburgh Maulers team

On October 18, 2022, the Pittsburgh Maulers hired a new general manager in the person of Lonnie Young. Wilson resigned as the head coach in early January 2023, which made Ray Horton his replacement that same month.


Here’s a list of the Pittsburgh Maulers’ various coaching staff:

  • Ray Horton – Head Coach
  • Jarren Horton – Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator
  • Lonnie Young – General Manager

Offensive Coaches

  • John Tomlinson – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
  • Bill Khayat – Tight Ends/Running Backs
  • Alex Wood – Wide Receivers
  • Vacant – Offensive Line

Defensive Coaches

  • Rick Courtright – Defensive Line/Run Game Coordinator
  • Marc Hull – Linebackers Coach/Special Teams Coordinator
  • Steve Meyer – Defensive Backs


Below is the Pittsburgh Maulers’ current roster of players, including their respective jersey numbers and playing positions:


  • James Morgan (12)
  • Connor Sampson (15)
  • Troy Williams (11)

Running Backs

  • Madre London (9)
  • Rodney Smith
  • Mason Stokke FB (44)
  • Trey Williams

Wide Receivers

  • Bailey Gaither (4)
  • Isiah Hennie (17)
  • Ishmael Hyman (14)
  • Diondre Overton
  • Josh Simmons (38)
  • C. J. Turner (13)
  • Tre Walker (89)

Tight Ends

  • Matt Seybert (80)

Offensive Linemen

  • Sean Brown C
  • Myron Cunningham T (74)
  • Xavier Dampeer C (52)
  • Jon Dietzen G (67)
  • Tre’Quan Dorsey T (69)
  • Justin Evans G (51)
  • Brodarious Hamm T
  • Leon Johnson T (62)
  • Austin Myres T
  • Brayden Patton C (58)
  • Terry Poole T (68)
  • Colby Thomas G (50)

Defensive Linemen

  • Terry Beckner DT (91)
  • Izayah Green-May DE (99)
  • Will Miles DT (92)
  • Christopher Okoye DT (90)
  • Nasir Player DE (95)
  • Vaughn Taylor DE (56)
  • Savion Williams DT (98)


  • Reuben Foster ILB (10)
  • Tyson Graham OLB (27)
  • Malcolm Howard OLB (6)
  • Dorian O’Daniel OLB
  • Dale Warren OLB (45)

Defensive Backs

  • Malcolm Elmore S (20)
  • Keith Gipson Jr. CB (5)
  • Sedevyn Gray CB (29)
  • Ferlando Jordan CB (23)
  • Shedrick Kirk CB (34)
  • Xavier Lewis CB (22)
  • Beau Tanner S (27)
  • Bryce Torneden S (1)
  • Eli Walker S (3)
  • Tre Wortham CB (25)

Special Teams

  • Luke Barnes LS (40)
  • Chris Blewitt K (7)
  • Riley Lovingood LS (48)
  • Matt Mengel P (19)

Reserve Players, Unrestricted Free Agents

  • Artayvious Lynn TE (85)
  • Jalen McCleskey WR (13)
  • Garrett Groshek RB (37)
  • Boogie Roberts DT (8)

The Pittsburgh Maulers also have some NFL players who supported its team in their 2022 and 2023 games. These include Jeremiah Pharms Jr. (New England Patriots), Arnold Tarpley III (Atlanta Falcons), and Mitchell Fraboni (Denver Broncos).

Season Records

  • 2023 – Won 31–27 in the USFL Division Finals, playing against the Michigan Panthers
  • 2023 – Lost 12–28 and the USFL Championship, playing against the Birmingham Stallions

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