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Oum Walid – Early Life, Education, YouTube, Etc.

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  • Born in 1998 in Algiers, Algeria
  • Author of the cookbook “La Cuisine d’Oum Walid” (Oum Walid’s Kitchen).
  • Member of the Arab Influencers Association.

Who Is Oum Walid?

Oum Walid is an Algerian YouTuber and food blogger. She is the most subscribed YouTuber in Algeria, with over 18 million subscribers.

Her YouTube channel features cooking videos, consisting mainly of desserts. She is married and has two children.

Oum Walid YouTube Page

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Oum Walid’s real name is Oum Walid Bouguermouh. She was born in Algiers, Algeria, in 1988; the exact date and month of her birth remain untold.

Oum Walid experimented with various recipes and cooking methods throughout her childhood. She developed her abilities by preparing meals for her family and friends, and soon word of her expertise as a cook spread throughout her neighborhood.

Her dishes were a feast for the senses, which showcased her unmatched culinary skills. The Algerian YouTuber decided to make a career out of cooking after completing her studies.

She got her start by working for neighborhood eateries and caterers, where she picked up crucial expertise and culinary knowledge. Her commitment and perseverance paid off, as she quickly rose to prominence in the culinary industry.

Career as a Food YouTuber

After gaining much ground in Algeria as a cook, on October 2, 2015, Oum Walid created her YouTube channel. Three days after the launch, She uploaded her first video, a recipe for a marble cake.

Oum quickly gained popularity, and a year later, in June 2016, her YouTube channel boasted 100,000 subscribers. She initially uploaded videos of herself cooking traditional Algerian dishes.

However, as her channel grew in popularity, she began to experiment with different cuisines and recipes. She now uploads several cooking videos, including recipes for desserts, main dishes, and appetizers.

Today, Oum’s videos cover several kinds of dishes, from traditional Algerian cuisine to international favorites. She’s also known for her baking videos, which feature elaborate and impressive cakes. Her videos are popular with viewers of all ages and from all over the world.

Soon enough, the Algerian cook sensation wrote and published her cookbook titled “La Cuisine d’Oum Walid” (Oum Walid’s Kitchen). The cookbook contains recipes for many of her most popular dishes.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Oum Walid has a blog she uses to share recipes, cooking tips, and photos of her food.


As a result of her excellent cooking skills, Oum has been featured in several magazines and newspapers. She’s a famous brand ambassador and has bagged collaborations with several top-notch companies, food brands, and kitchenware manufacturers.

Moving forward, Oum Walid has won numerous awards for her work. She won the “Best Female YouTuber” award at the Arab Social Media Awards.

Her other awards include the Algerian Golden Tube Award and the YouTube Diamond Creator Award. She is also a member of the Arab Influencers Association.

Her YouTube channel is the most subscribed in Algeria. As such, she has over 20 million subscribers and 3 billion views. Oum is a true pioneer in the Algerian YouTube community. With a net worth of $3.35 million, she has shown that it’s possible to be successful in a traditionally male-dominated field.

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