Northern Arizona Wranglers

Northern Arizona Wranglers: Arizona’s Unstoppable Football Team

This post is about the Northern Arizona Wranglers, one of the newest football teams in the IFL.


  • Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
  • Home Stadium is at Findlay Toyota Center.
  • Member of the Indoor Football League (IFL) since 2021.

Who are the Northern Arizona Wranglers?

In the rugged beauty of the Arizona mountains is the Northern Arizona Wranglers, a team with a heart as wild as the landscape. Despite being newcomers, their fiery spirit and unwavering commitment to their community quickly cemented their place as a team to watch.

Their story is woven with triumphs, adversities, and a touch of Western charm. They’ve proven that hard work and the support of a passionate fan base are the main necessities for success.

Northern Arizona Wranglers


Founded to bring professional indoor football to Prescott Valley, the Wranglers hit the ground running in 2020. Joining the competitive Indoor Football League (IFL), the team soon faced established names and seasoned players.

Head Coach Dominic Bramante, known for his championship pedigree, guided the Wranglers through their formative years. Though victories came sporadically, flashes of brilliance from players such as running back Jarrod Ware Jr. and defensive back Travion Banks hinted at the Wranglers’ potential.

In 2022, a new chapter unfolded for the Wranglers. Veteran head coach Les Moss, a champion architect known for his strategic prowess, took the arm of authority for the team.

The arrival of the new head coach marked a shift in focus, emphasizing discipline, defensive dominance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This change bore immediate success.

Joining Quarterback TJ Edwards strategy, and the efficient offense and linebacker Terik Miller anchoring a stifling defense, the Wranglers secured their first-ever IFL playoff berth.

Their journey ended with the Western Conference Championship, but the taste of post-season success fueled their hunger for more. Today, Fred DePalma owns the Northern Arizona Wranglers, while Trey Medlock works as president, and the team operates under the umbrella of Wranglers Sports Group.

Northern Arizona Wranglers’ Track Record of Success

Although the Northern Arizona Wranglers are yet to boast of a trophy cabinet, their steady progress and strong commitment to the community point toward a promising future. Below is a highlight of their successes so far:


  • Defeat the Spokane Shock 35-28 in their very first game.
  • Overcome the mighty Arizona Rattlers (12-2) in a thrilling 38-37 clash, sending shockwaves through the IFL and announcing their arrival.


  • Trailed the Tucson Sugar Skulls by 14 points in the fourth quarter before storming back to win 45-42.
  • Took out the San Diego Strike Force with 24-0.
Northern Arizona Wranglers


  • First-ever playoff berth 42-38, over the Bay Area Panthers, on the final day of the regular season.
  • Badged Western Conference Championship with a 45-47 loss to the Quad City Steamwheelers.


  • Season-high 53 points against the Vegas Knight Hawks.
  • Won Tucson Sugar Skulls to a mere 10 points in a 42-10 victory.
  • 31-28 win against the Duke City Gladiators with a last-minute goal.


In their short years of existence, the Northern Arizona Wranglers have garnered the following notable awards:

  • 2023 IFL Best Mascot Award.
  • Arizona’s Community Champions.
  • 2022 IFL National Championship Most Valuable Player: Defensive End JaQuan Artis.
  • 2023 IFL All-Rookie Team 1. wide receiver Ryan Wisniewski. 2. defensive back Kishawn Walker. 3. kicker Conor Mangan.

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