Memphis Showboats

Memphis Showboats – About and History

This post is about a now defunct football team in Memphis, Tennessee: The Memphis Showboats.


  • Formed in 1983 and folded in 1986
  • Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  • Used the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis as their home stadium

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Who are the Memphis Showboats?

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, the Memphis Showboats was an American football team established in 1983 and folded in 1986. They are part of the United States Football League (USFL). Their official team colors were white, silver, and scarlet. They played their home games at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis.

The Showboats existed for only two seasons. Reggie White and Lex Luger were its most prominent players.


Logan Young, a Memphis food manufacturer, started the Memphis Showboats when granted an expansion franchise on July 17, 1983. He then hired a head coach, Pepper Rodgers, and leased the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium as their home stadium. The Showboats joined the USFL league in 1984 and made playoffs in 1985. However, they lost in the semi-finals to the Oakland Invaders.

Young realized that most of his assets were temporarily inaccessible due to his investment in a trust fund. He had no other option than to take on limited partners and subsequently sell controlling interest to a cotton industrialist, William Dunavant.

Memphis Showboats team
Memphis Showboats team

League Affiliations

Here is a list of the Memphis Showboats’ league and conference affiliations:

  • 1984–1985 – United States Football League (USFL)
    • 1984 – USFL Southern Division
    • 1984–1985 – USFL Eastern Conference


  • William Dunavant & Logan Young – Owner
  • Pepper Rodgers – Head Coach

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