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Laju Iren: What Books Has She Written?

Are you a Christian looking for self-help, enlightening, and motivational titles that you can read during your leisure times? Have you ever read any of Laju Iren books? If not, this article will make you know more about her and what books has she written. We will also review her best-selling titles without taking too much of your time.

Laju Iren has published several books, whose eBook and paperback copies are available worldwide. She is the wife of CCI Global’s founder, Pastor Emmanuel Aniefiok Iren. Laju is popularly known as “The Lord’s Story Teller”, providing guidance mainly for ladies, including those who are single, married, divorced, and widowed.

She boasts of a writing experience of over two decades and has sold over 7,000 copies of her books, which this blog post overviews one after the other.

Let’s get down to business!

1. The Girl Cyclopaedia

The Girl Cyclopaedia

The Girl Cyclopaedia is a self-help and motivational book written by Laju Iren. It is her first published book exclusively for young ladies. The book contains several mind-boggling questions and answers that are quite helpful to the feminine gender. These include on the following:

  • How to improve their esteem
  • Their purpose in life
  • How to maintain sexual purity while dating
  • Whether it was sinful for women to wear trousers
  • How to know if a guy likes them
  • How to handle the consequences of a broken home

She gave concise answers to the said questions, helping ladies to reshape their life. Laju completed the book after going on a retreat. She had quite a lot of counseling experience and you can trust her words in this book.

2. Dating Intelligently

Dating Intelligently

Laju Iren is the author of Dating Intelligently, which she regards as a common-sense guide to courtship. The book is resourceful to young persons who are single or dating. It consists of 212 pages and twenty-three chapters that enlightens singles and people courting on how to love wisely.

The book describes marriage as a time to love sightlessly. So, it guides the journey from dating to marriage.

Its paperback version sells for $20.98 on Amazon. If you prefer a softcopy, you can get the book instantly on Amazon Kindle for $9.99. But if you’re in Nigeria, you could buy the book for as low as ₦750.

3. Selfies with Bible Girls

Selfies with Bible Girls

Laju Iren also authored the best-selling book, “Selfies with Bible Girls”. It tells a relatable story, which we highly recommend that you read. The book is ideal for women of all ages, no matter if you’re single, married, divorced, or widowed.

Selfies with Bible Girls mirrors the characters of more than 20 women in the bible. It retells their stories in a more fascinating manner in over 300 pages. There are undoubtedly many lessons to learn from this book by Laju Iren.

You can get the eBook for around $4.99, depending on where you’re placing your order online.

4. Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

Still thinking what book she has written? Another one is Mirror, Mirror. It talks about how people define themselves and others by their appearance, such as their body sizes and skin tones.

The book perfectly describes how the world compels us, humans to gaze into a mirror’s distorted reflections. It revolves around how limited mirror views are, despite their sincerity.

A paperback copy of Mirror, Mirror costs $18.99 on Amazon and is available worldwide. So, do not hesitate to place your order whenever you’re ready.

5. Finding Miriam | Loving Amanda

Finding Miriam, Loving Amanda

Finding Miriam and Loving Amanda are two different novels in one book. They have a captivating storyline are among the best Laju Iren books. Finding Miriam revolves around finding love, hope, and purpose while experiencing pandemonium.

It tells the story of a female employee and slay queen, Miriam, who made advances of her boss, Goch. He turned down her proposal, which made her bitter. Also, he became her sworn enemy, leading to her relocation to the North. Her boss had sent her on the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility to a remote secondary school. There, she found love with Yohan and their meeting changed her life for good.

On the other hand, Amanda was able to leave an abusive relationship and overcome an unpleasant past through Goch, Miriam’s former employer and the CEO of Goch-Tech. Miriam made life miserable for Amanda, as she was the HR head in the company.

Finding Miriam and Loving Amanda is available on Amazon. You could also buy an autographed copy on Flutterwave.

Wrapping Up

Laju Iren books depict many inspiring stories and she creatively tells them so you can learn from each page. She is one of the best-selling authors in Nigeria, having sold most of her books on Okadabooks.

Instead of buying her books separately, you can opt for her 2-in-1 books, which costs ₦3,000 or ₦3,500, depending on your preference.

If you know anyone who might want to read Laju Iren books, feel free to share this page with them, so they could get inspired from her books.

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