Joey Batey

Joey Batey – Early Life, Education, and Career

This post is about Joey Batey, an English celebrity renowned for his acting role and songs in The Witcher TV series.


  • Born in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, in 1989
  • An alumnus of Robinson College, Cambridge, England
  • Never been married or has no kids

Read on to discover more about Joey Batey, including his personal life and career.

Who Is Joey Batey?

Joey Batey is a renowned English actor, singer, and songwriter born on January 1, 1989. He is famous for acting as Jaskier in The Witcher TV series.

Joey Batey in The Witcher

He also sang several songs in the series, including “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” and “Her Sweet Kiss.”

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Joey Batey was raised in a family where everyone was fond of music. He attended Robinson College in Cambridge, England. Then he co-wrote a comedy sketch show with Ben Ashenden.

Joey is also an alumnus of L’École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris, France. He is currently single and not engaged to any woman.

Career – Filmography and Musical Performance

Joey Batey specialized in both films and music. His film debut was in Murder on the Home Front, a British TV crime drama produced in 2013. Afterward, he featured in many other movies and TV series, although he has not produced his own movie.

He is also a musician and vocalist for The Amazing Devil, an indie folk band formed by him and Madeleine Hyland in 2015.

Joey Batey Movies and TV Series

Joey has played several roles in films and television series. Here are a few of them:

  • The Riot Club (2014), as Eager Chap
  • Bloody Cakes (2016), as Colin Montcrawknox
  • Murder on the Home Front (2013), as Dixie
  • The White Queen (2013), as Edward of Lancaster
  • Whitechapel (2013), as Gavin Redman
  • Mount Pleasant (2016), as Gopher
  • In the Dark (2017), Shelley
  • Strike (2017), as Al Rokeby
  • Knightfall (2017/2018), as Pierre
  • The Witcher (2019), as Jaskier
  • Billy The Kid (2022), as Patrick McCarty

Joey also did a video game voiceover for Cesar’s voice in Dragon Quest Heroes 2.

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