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Jack Nicholson – Early Life, Career, And More.

This post is about a distinguished filmmaker in the Hollywood industry, Jack Nicholson.


  • Born in Neptune City, New Jersey, US, on April 22, 1937
  • Currently divorced, with six children
  • Received more than 40 award nominations

Read on as we explore the early life, previous relationships, filmography works, and achievements of Jack Nicholson.

Who Is Jack Nicholson?

John Joseph Nicholson, also known as Jack Nicholson, is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and director well-known in the American film industry. He is renowned as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Nicholson played rebel roles against the social structure in most of his movies.

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Jack Nicholson grew up as a Roman Catholic and referred to it as the official dogma training he had. His mother, June Frances Nicholson, was a showgirl, while his father’s identity was unknown. According to some rumors, his father was either June’s manager or an Italian-American showman, Donald Furcillo. She had him at age 17, so she let her parents raise him as their child while she acted like his older sister. After his mother’s death, Time magazine researchers discovered and informed him that June wasn’t his sister but his mother.

Jack spent his childhood in Neptune City, New Jersey. His family later relocated to Spring Lake. He attended Manasquan High School, where he was widely known as the class clown.

Even though Jack Nicholson has six children, he has married just once and currently has no spouse. His marriage was to an American actress from 1962 to 1968. He has a daughter from their union. His other past relationships were with Susan Anspach (an American actress), Michelle Phillips (a singer and songwriter), Anjelica Huston (an actress), and Rebecca Broussard (a model). Note that the list does not include all women that Jack Nicholson dated. Jack believes that children give life a resonance that it can’t do without.

He joined the California Air National Guard in 1957 to dodge being drafted into the military. His enlistment ended in 1962.

Additionally, Jack Nicholson loves basketball and baseball. He is a fan of two professional teams: the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Yankees.

Jack Nicholson watching a Lakers Game

Career – Featured Films, Movies Produced, Awards Received, Etc.

Jack Nicholson always desired to become an actor. When he visited his sister in California in 1950, he got an office job as an animator at the MGM cartoon studio. However, he declined the offer, as it wasn’t his dream.

His debut was in The Cry Baby Killer, a low-budget teen exploitation film produced in 1958. He got acting training with a group called the Players Ring Theater.


Jack Nicholson has written stories for many Hollywood movies. He is also the producer of a good number of films, including Ride in the Whirlwind (1966), The Shooting (1966), Head (1968), Drive, He Said (1971), and The Two Jakes (1990).

Jack has also been featured in several films and TV series. Some of them are as follows: 

  • NBC Matinee Theater (1956) as Musician’s Son
  • The Cry Baby Killer (1958) as Jimmy Wallace
  • The Barbara Stanwyck Show (1960) as Bud
  • Hawaiian Eye (1962) as Tony Morgan
  • Flight to Fury (1964) as Jay Wickham
  • Wolf (1994) as Will Randall
  • The Evening Star (1996) as Garrett Breedlove
  • About Schmidt (2002) as Warren R. Schmidt
  • The Departed (2006) as Francis “Frank” Costello
  • The Bucket List (2007) as Edward Cole

Awards Won by Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson has won several awards for his acting roles. Some of his prestigious awards are as follows:

Jack Nicholson holding an award
  • 1975, 1976 – Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama (Golden Globe Awards)
  • 1975, 1977 – Best Film Actor in a Leading Role (BAFTA Film Awards)
  • 1976 – Best Actor (Academy Awards)
  • 1984 – Best Supporting Actor (Academy Awards)
  • 1984 – Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture (Golden Globe Awards)
  • 1988 – Best Recording for Children (Grammy Awards)
  • 1998 – Best Actor (Academy Awards)
  • 1998 – Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture (Screen Actors Guild Awards)

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