How to join UFC as a fighter

How to Join UFC as a fighter

Would you like to start a career in MMA so that you can become one of the top all-time UFC fighters? If yes, you will be glad you found this page in the next few minutes. It is not easy to become a UFC fighter due to the various requirements and steps involved. If you are already into mixed martial arts, then you may have met most of the requirements, including the essential fighting skills. It is often difficult to get started in this career choice. In light of this, I will walk you through how to join UFC as a fighter so you can achieve your dream career. We will also explore everything you should know about becoming a UFC fighter. Let’s get down to business!

A few things you should know about UFC fights

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  • They last either three or five rounds. There is also a one-minute break between each round.
  • Each UFC fight round is five-minute long in duration.
  • Men’s weight classification differs from that of women’s.
  • Three judges assess a UFC fight from a different angle and assign up to ten points to each fighter per round.
  • You must score up to ten points to win a round. If you score below, your opponent wins.

Weight Class in the UFC

UFC fighters compete in matches based on their weight classifications. So, examine the table below to determine which class you belong to in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Become a UFC fighter
Weight rangeWeight classifications
115 lbs or lessStrawweight
116 to 125 lbsFlyweight
126 to 135 lbsBantamweight
136 to 145 lbsFeatherweight
146 to 155 lbsLightweight
156 to 165 lbsSuper Lightweight
166 to 170 lbsWelterweight
171 to 175 lbsSuper Welterweight
176 to 185 lbsMiddleweight
186 to 195 lbsSuper Middleweight
196 to 205 lbsLight Heavyweight
206 to 225 lbsCruiserweight
226 to 265 lbsHeavyweight
266 lbs or moreSuper Heavyweight

Fouls in the UFC match

Here’s a list of various acts that count as foul in UFC fights:

  • Vertical elbow strike
  • Small joint manipulation
  • Grasping an opponent’s hair
  • Headbutting an opponent
  • Groin attacks of all sorts
  • Timidity or faking an injury
  • Trampling a downed opponent
  • All kinds of fish hooking
  • Striking your opponent after the bell
  • Grasping an opponent’s shorts or gloves
  • Twisting, clawing, pinching an opponent’s flesh
  • Eye gouging an opponent
  • Disregard of the referee’s instructions
  • Using derogatory language towards an opponent
  • Biting an opponent or spitting at them
  • Throwing your opponent off the fighting arena
  • Clinging to the ropes or fence with fingers or toes
  • Hitting an opponent in the rear of the head or spine
  • Unsportsmanly conduct causing injury to an opponent
  • Multiple throat attacks or seizing an opponent’s trachea
  • Intentionally placing a finger on an opponent’s injured area
  • Attacking a downed opponent’s head with a kick or knee strike
  • Reaching out with your fingers toward an opponent’s eyes or face
  • Slamming an opponent onto the canvas, aiming for their head or neck
  • Attacking an opponent during the break or when under the referee’s care

What are the penalties for fouls in UFC fights?

Either of the following will happen if you commit a foul in the UFC:

  • Deduction in points by the official scorekeeper.
  • Disqualification from the match or the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) by the referee.

Note: Only a referee can determine an act in a UFC fight as foul.

Requirements to join the UFC as a fighter

Here are the basic eligibility requirements to become a UFC fighter:

The medical requirements to become a UFC fighter vary by commission. However, you must undergo blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C at a laboratory approved by the Commission at most 180 days before the competition. Depending on the commission, you may also need to conduct an eye examination, neurological exam, or EKG.

How to Join the UFC as a Fighter in 4 Easy Steps

The simplified steps to become a UFC fighter are as follows:

  • Train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
  • Gain experience by participating in amateur fights.
  • Apply online at, which requires you to create a profile.
  • Then, follow the prompts to submit your application successfully.

We recommend you find a local MMA gym or trainer to help you enhance your fighting skills. You should also maintain a good fitness routine and healthy diet to ensure peak physical health. Another helpful advice in joining the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) as a fighter is to participate in UFC’s reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter.” Many renowned UFC fighters today were able to win a contract by taking this step.

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