Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham

Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham: Who is a Better Movie Producer?

This article focuses on Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham, with the aim of letting you know who is a better movie producer between them. Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham are two award-winning actresses, filmmakers, and content creators in the Nigerian film industry. They are famous on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and X (Twitter). While Funke Akindele has over 16.6 million followers on Instagram, Toyin Abraham (born as Olutoyin Aimakhu) has approximately 9.1 million followers.

Both actresses have produced and starred in numerous highest-grossing Nigerian movies. Their movies have generated from ₦300,000 to ₦1.1 Billion in box offices worldwide. Read on to discover how their filmography, awards, and more.

Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham Film Productions

Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele have played various impressive roles in movies they produced. The following are some movies and Television series produced by them, respectively:

Funke AkindeleToyin Abraham
Aiye Olomo Kan (2009), as DemiladeIjakumo
Apaadi (2009), as the King’s nieceIjakumo: The Born Again Stripper
Agbefo (2006)The Ghost and the Tout (2018)
Industreet (2017)The Ghost and the Tout Too (2021)
Maami (2011)Fate of Alakada
Your Excellency (2019)Prophetess (2021)
Maku (2007)Alakada Reloaded
Battle on Buka Street (2022), as YejideSeven and a Half Dates
Jenifa (2008/2009), as Sulia Adedayo/ JenifaListening Ears
Jenifa’s Diary, as Jenifa 
Aje metta (2008), as Omolayo 
A Tribe Called Judah (2023), as Jedidah Juadh 

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Movie Nominations and Awards- Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham

Even though Funke Akindele and Toyin Abraham are both award-winning actresses, they have only a few awards and nominations as filmmakers. As of today, only four of Funke’s movies have been considered for awards, while none of Toyin’s movies has received a nomination.

Toyin Abraham actress

Here’s a list of various nominations and awards received by Funke Akindele:

Omo Ghetto: The Saga by Funke Akindele

Jenifa’s Diary by Funke Akindele

  • 2022 AMVCA’s Best Television Series award nomination
  • 2016 Naija FM Awards’ Sitcom Of The Year award – Won

My Siblings & I by Funke Akindele

  • 2022 AMVCA’s Best Africa Magic Original Comedy Series award nomination

Battle on Buka Street by Funke Akindele

  • 2023 AMVCA’s Best Overall Movie award nomination

Funke Akindele vs Toyin Abraham- Amount Grossed in Box Offices

1. A Tribe Called Judah (2023)

Funke Akindele’s A Tribe Called Judah is one of the top 10 Nollywood movies of 2023. She played the role of Jedidah Judah in this movie, revolving around the lives of the five sons of a single mother. They planned to steal millions of dollars from a money launderer with the aim of paying their mother’s costly hospital bills.

Her movie broke a record in Nigeria’s box offices, being the first Nollywood movie to generate ₦1 billion.

2. Battle on Buka Street (2022)

Battle on Buka Street by Funke Akindele made over ₦640 million in cinemas nationwide. The movie displaced Omo Ghetto: The Saga, which was initially holding the record of the highest-grossing Nollywood film.

3. Omo Ghetto: The Saga (2020)

Funke Akindele played the role of Shalewa (aka Lefty) and Ayomide in Omo Ghetto: The Saga. Within ten weeks of its release, the movie broke the record for being the second movie in an English-speaking West African country to generate more than ₦600M in the Nigerian box office.

Top Toyin Abraham’s movies

1. Malaika (2023)

Toyin Abraham’s Malaika movie grossed over ₦300M in the Nigerian box office and is presently her highest-grossing film production. Also starring Odunlade Adekola, Muyiwa Ademola, Ibrahim Chatta, Babatope Elesho, and Carter Efe, this 2023 Nollywood drama revolves around a woman in an attempt to have a child by all means. She then seeks spiritual assistance, whether she could get a solution regarding her childlessness.

2. Ijakumo (2022)

Ijakumo by Toyin Abraham has grossed over ₦270M in box offices nationwide in Nigeria. This 2022 suspense thriller tells the story of a born-again stripper who was formerly the choice of an affluent pastor.

3. The Ghost and The Tout Too (2021)

The Ghost and The Tout Too is a comedy fantasy movie produced by Toyin Abraham in 2021. It grossed over ₦134M in the box office, which was quite much as of its production year. The movie depicts the live of a woman with the supernatural ability to see ghosts and communicate with them. Toyin Abraham played the lead role in this blockbuster movie.

Who is a Better Movie Producer? Verdict

I think Funke Akindele is a better filmmaker than Toyin Abraham. Her movies have won more awards than Toyin Abraham’s. They have grossed more than ×3 of the amount Toyin’s movies have made. Besides, Funke has a hige fan base than Toyin Abraham.

Toyin is also a great actress, but I’m only sharing my thoughts anyways.

Kindly share this post with others if you find it insightful and would like others to learn from it.

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