Enado Odigie

Enado Odigie – Personal life, Career and Rise To Fame

This post entails everything about Enado Odigie, including her early life, educational background, acting career, and much more.


  • A native of Edo State, Nigeria, born on October 30, 1990
  • An alumnus of the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria
  • CEO/founder of Constellation Events

Join us in the read as we discuss Enado’s personal life and career.

Who is Enado Odigie?

Helen Enado Odigie is a renowned Nollywood actress, TV host, brand influencer, and event planner. She is known for her lead role in ‘Spice’, a 2014 Africa Magic original film.

She also owns an event company called Constellation Events.

Enado Odigie Nollywood actress

Personal Life (Early/recent)

Enado is the last in a family of five children. She was born in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria, on October 23, 1990.

Enado completed her primary and secondary education in Benin, after which she furthered to the University of Benin to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. So it’s safe to say she spent her earlier years in Benin, Edo State before she moved to Lagos where she currently resides.

She’s presently in a relationship with Tola Odunsin. Her hobbies include cooking, fashion, acting, and traveling.

Career – How Enado Odigie Became Famous?

Enado started her career in the corporate world, working as a customer service representative at Globacom, one of Nigeria’s largest Telecommunication companies.

She also worked as a sales consultant at Jumia online store, after which she started an events planning company called Constellation Events in 2013.

Enado Odigie full pics

Enado started acting in 2012. However, she joined Nollywood, the Nigerian movie industry in 2014 when she got her first leading role in an Africa Magic original film ‘Spice’. Since then, she has starred in over 75 Nollywood movies. These include The Men’s Club, Three Thieves, Rift, Joba, From Lagos with Love, Diary of a Crazy Nigerian Woman, etc.

Enado is endeared by her fans, with over 259K followers on Instagram.

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