Dana White CEO of UFC

Dana White CEO of UFC: How Much is His Net Worth?

Dana Frederick White Jr., popularly known as Dana White, is a big name in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), a well-known combat sport. He became the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2001 after its purchase from the Semaphore Entertainment Group (SEG) by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta. He also owns a Slap Fighting promotion named Power Slap. White also co-owns Thrill One Sports & Entertainment, a next-gen content company. Despite his numerous engagements and businesses, he is more popular as the CEO and President of the UFC. 

Many reports show that Dana White is worth over $500 million. He makes about $20 million yearly as a  Combat Sports Entrepreneur and Promoter.

Read on to discover more about Dana White, the CEO of UFC.

Biography highlights:

  • Nationality: Irish American
  • Born on July 28, 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut, USA
  • A college dropout and former boxer
  • Marriage/relationship: Married to Anne Stella since 1996 and has three children
  • Dana White’s Official Instagram page


White currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, the same city where UFC’s headquarters is. He first bought a $1.95 million mansion in Pine Island Court, Las Vegas, in 2006. 

He subsequently purchased three other mansions in the same neighborhood for approximately $6.2 million, as described below:

  • A 7,700 sq ft mansion worth $1.8 million – Acquired in October 2016
  • A 5,500 sq ft mansion worth $2.4 million – Bought in January 2017
  • A 4,700 sq ft mansion: $2 million – Acquired in March 2017

After the last purchase, he demolished them one after the other, to build a mega-mansion for himself and his family.

Brand endorsements

When it comes to endorsements and sponsorships, Dana White virtually has none. He hasn’t accepted any of such deals over the years.

However, White promotes “Howler Head”, a Steve Lippi-owned whiskey brand. He has been promoting the brand for many years. He even has a car customized to the brand’s logo.

Dana White once said that he doesn’t need to rely on endorsement deals to make a buck, which could be why he doesn’t promote other businesses and brands.

Car Collections

Dana White has a unique car collection consisting of both vintage and luxury automobiles.

These include:

A Bombardier private jet

Dana White has a Bombardier private jet valued at $90M. They are one of the fastest private jets in the world. It has a capacity of sixteen passengers and two crew members.

A Datsun B210 – $12,000

Dana White's Datsun B210

The Datsun B210 is a 1974–1978 vintage car sold in North America. It is the third generation of the Nissan Sunny.

A custom Mercedes Maybach van

White has a custom Mercedes-Maybach van with Howler Head logo. It is valued at around $300,000.

A Ferrari Testarossa

White owns a red Ferrari Testarossa, sold for £180,000 as of its manufacturing year. The classic car is now worth over $300,000, although it hasn’t been produced since 1991.

A Ferrari F430

Dana White's Ferrari F430

A black Ferrari Spider F430 valued at $267,158 is among his car collections. The sports car runs on a 4.3 L V8 engine, which is the same engine as the Ferrari F136. It churns 483 horsepower.

Land Rover Defender V8

Dana White bought a brand-new Land Rover Defender v8 for his second son, Aiden. The offroad vehicle is one of the 70th Anniversary editions and was his 16th birthday present.

It is powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine that churns up to 400 horsepower. This particular model currently costs at least $212,000.

Two (2) BMW M6s – Both cost up to $235,000

White has bought two BMW M6s. He personally used one, while he bought the other one for his son, Dana White III, on his 16th birthday. White used a BMW M6 Gran Coupe, which Khabib Nurmagomedov loved and had to buy the same model.

A Ducati Motorcycle – costs approximately $60,000

White also has a Ducati 999R bike bought for him by UFC owners; Lorenzo and Frank Fertita.

A MV Augusta Motorcycle – estimated at $29,200

White’s MV Augusta bike is a limited edition motorcycle that can reach up to 193mph.

Charity and Philanthropy Works

Dana White is also well-known as a philanthropist and has made several generous donations to give back to the community.

Among these is donating;

  • $50,000 for the liver transplant of a Tiger Muay Thai instructor’s daughter, Tuptim Jadnooleum – 2010
  • $100,000 for the renovations of his high school’s athletic facilities – 2011
  • $1 million to gunshot victims in Las Vegas – 2017
  • $100,000 to a UFC fighter’s charity, The Good Fight Foundation, owned by Dustin Poirer – 2019

Dana White’s Recognitions and Awards

Below is a list of White’s achievements, awards, and recognitions;

  • 2008-2023 – Leading Man of the Year by the World MMA Awards
  • 2005–2013, 2015–2016 – Promoter of the Year by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON)
  • 2009 – Nevada Sportsman of the Year
  • 2009 – Patriot Award by the Armed Forces Foundation

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